Reviews: Anonymous

Jollyboys Backpackers

Livingstone, Zambia

The bathrooms were cleaned regularly, so thank you! Most hostel bathrooms are awful, so this was much appreciated. We loved our stay here and would recommend/stay here again.

Jacks Hostel Vienna

Vienna, Austria

For a hostel you can't get much better! It was quiet at night, which was the only time my husband and I were there. The bathrooms were a little wet and muddy, but that can't be helped much. The location was great (only a 20 min. or so walk from the train).


By far my favorite hostel (it helps that Salzburg is my favorite city, too). Only 10-15 min. walk from the train station and has a good breakfast for about 3.50 euro. The beds and pillows were so soft after several other hostels we visited. It was also much cleaner than a normal hostel without much noise at night. And the bike rentals were great!!!!


Bathrooms got pretty dirty and wet, but with so many people, it was understandable. It got pretty noisy, but for the price, we weren't complaining much. The lockers in the rooms were great, although my husband's was broken, so we just used mine. The staff was helpful, but maybe a little tipsy when we checked in? Breakfast was great and while the location is pretty far from central London, the tube runs regularly and only takes 15-20 minutes.