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Orange Village Hostel

San Francisco, USA

It was clean, conveniently located, and has free breakfast, but I didn't like it. 1-bunk beds are old/squeaky & not attached to the walls. If the other person moves at all, it shakes a lot & you wake up (I'm a heavy sleeper!). 2-hostel is enormous, with tons of guests, so it creates a climate of indifference. I've never stayed at a hostel where everyone ignored one another. 3-Because there are so many guests, everyone gets buzzed in without question/ID--bad for this neighborhood.

Banana Bungalow Hollywood

Los Angeles, USA

Very loud, even in your room with doors/windows closed. Recommend to bring ear plugs. If you are not a partier, this is probably not a good hostel for you. It was a bad fit for me.


Felt like visiting my grandmother. Billie is really sweet and made everyone feel welcome. She made you feel like family, rather than just a paying guest. Coffee and warm conversation were always available, and the guest book at the hostel is full of "best hostel experience ever" reviews. I wouldn't stay anywhere else in Fairbanks.

Yerevan Hostel

Yerevan, Armenia

Staff were helpful and friendly. I was only here for 1 night, but it was a good hostel and very clean.

Old Town Hostel

Tbilisi, Georgia

Staff are amazing! Definitely the friendliest group I've ever encountered while traveling. They helped organize numerous tours, knew all of the great restaurants and bars where locals go, negotiated better prices for activities and more. They were very helpful and really friendly. If I go back again some day, I'm definitely staying here.

Students & Travellers Inn

Athens, Greece

Great location, very friendly staff, good prices, and good facilities. I would stay here again.


No customer comment

Orient Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

No requirement to pass the front desk or hostel personnel before proceeding to the rooms, so this is a security concern; the rooms have individual locks and lockers are available, though, so this is good from a security standpoint. Great location, good price, very friendly staff, and a free breakfast - I'd stay here again.


It's odd that there is a buzzer on the street and you must request to be let into the building, but then you can go to the sleeping rooms/computer room/toilets without having to go past the front desk or past any employees. I found this odd.


Great facilities and security, location is prime (right on Warschauer Strasse, near the U-Bahn and S-Bahn, near the Berlin Wall), staff was friendly.

Valentine Inn

Petra, Jordan

Staff would smoke in the hotel lobby, which was also the only place to watch TV, eat or use the internet, so that was quite annoying. Also, the dorm rooms do not have locks on the doors, which I didn't like. Other than this, the staff was friendly and helpful, the dinners are GREAT, and the free shuttle to/from Petra every day is a huge perk.

High Street Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

I really appreciate the signs in the rooms reminding people to be quiet in consideration of those who are sleeping. I've stayed at too many hostels where people wanted to party inside the sleeping areas.

One World Hostel

Krakow, Poland

GREAT location, and the fact that they have lots of showers & sinks means that you don't have to wait in line for other people in the morning. That's a huge benefit and makes this place better than most other hostels I've visited.

Art Space Hostel

Moscow, Russia

During our 4 days at this hostel, we encountered 3 different employees. 2 of them were phenomenal. 1 of them spoke less English than I speak Russian, and communicating with him to ask where some of the most common tourist attractions were was extremely difficult. I'm not one of those people who thinks everyone should speak fluent English, but a hostel employee should have at least a medium ability at a 2nd language. If he could speak German or French or Spanish, that would work for me, also.

Kiev Central Station

Kiev, Ukraine

New hostel, really well done. Staff was extremely friendly, and the facilities were great.

Tapok Hostel

Chisinau, Moldova

No customer comment

Tangier Melting Pot Hostel

Tangier, Morocco

Can be tricky to find, but this is a great hostel. You wouldn't know it's new, because they run very efficiently.

Sheilas Cork Hostel

Cork, Ireland

This is the first hostel I've stayed at where there were lots of kids. Many hostels I've stayed at have a rule about kids - either not allowed or only 1 or 2 kids per adult. This was a group of a few dozen kids with only about 3 adults. It provided for lots of noise. They would be running around in the halls, up and down the stairs, banging on doors, talking very loudly - and this woke us up several times during the night. The only negative side to our stay was that staff didn't intervene.