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Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 23

Amistat Beach Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Not super close to downtown, but excellent beach access and great people. Would definitely go back!

Comfort Hotel Rouen Alba

Rouen, France

Good location, solid staff. Nothing out standing but a good hotel.


This hostel has a great, social environment and a good free breakfast. Not super quiet or cozy, but fantastic if you want to go out and meet people!

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Thank you for the lovely feedback! The Team at St Christopher's, Paris Canal.

SLO Living Hostel

Lyon, France

Loved this place and can't wait to go back! Bathrooms could be cleaner but wonderful staff, great food and killer location. Thanks guys!

Hello Marseille Hostel

Marseille, France

A great atmosphere in a good location. The group dinner feels like family, which was a nice surprise. Felt very secure, though the limited number of toilets and showers was a bit of a shame. Would definitely go back!


The lack of lockers is a bit of an issue, but the breakfast and location are pretty good. I wouldn't rush to go back but it is a lovely building. Not my favorite.

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PRETTY GOOD LOCATION & BREAKFAST... LOVELY BUILDING..." Even if the lugage room is under camera contraol, lockers are comming soonly... THANK YOU

Seven Hostel

Sorrento, Italy

Physically, this place is beautiful--I thought it was a hotel at first. However, the door to my room repeatedly locked out myself and room mates, and I had little confidence in the staff to fix it. The most irritating issue was a private event hosted in the main common area, which left little space to sit and access WiFi. There was no advance warning of the event, meaning that we also had to walk through it in order to reach our rooms or do laundry. Better communication would have been nice.


The atmosphere and staff here are lovely especially if you're traveling alone. A bit hard to find the first time and definitely a walk or train ride to the sights, but well worth it. Would stay again!

Barnacles Temple Bar House

Dublin, Ireland

This hostel has an excellent, social environment which makes it easy to meet fellow travelers. Thatm and the dedicated helpfulness of the staff, make it a place I will definitely return to the next time I'm in town.

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Hi Joanna And we will be delighted to have you back. Shane

Global Village

Belfast, Northern Ireland

This hostel has a very homey feel, complete with regular TV watching and lots of group hang out time. However, unless you're properly introduced or come with your own group, that doesn't necessarily mean you're going to make friends or even acquaintances, which was a shame. The location is inconvenient for everything but the student quarter, but if you time/energy for a 30-45 minute walk into town then you're fine. Lovely building and cute bedrooms.

City Centre Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

The regular manager was gone when we arrived, someone else was filling in and somehow our reservation for the first night had been lost. They had room for us but we switched rooms between nights, meaning we walked about a half mile to get to our new place the second night. Generally did not receive the impression that anybody running the place was well organized, though staff were very pleasant.

Hotel Hollywood

Rome, Italy

We picked this place to be sure we had air conditioning, which turned out to be vital. Receptionist was very helpful in giving directions and pointing things out on the map, you get the feeling she gets asked a lot. Not terribly easy to find but very close to Termini, with a few decent food options nearby. Breakfast is pretty bad but free, and the espresso is good. Wouldn't rush back but would stay again. Probably better when it's not peak tourist season.

Hostel Cork City

Cork, Ireland

This is one of the nicer hostels I've seen. All of the appliances are quite clean, modern and work nicely--the shower is hotter and stronger than the one in my apartment! The common areas are lovely, and the toast and jam in the morning is nice. The internet wasn't working when I was there, but lots of coffe shops and restaraunts in the area have wifi. Beds are fairly uncomfortable, poky mattresses, etc, but the location is excellent and very safe. Would definitely return to and reccommend!