Reviews: Anonymous


A great hostel with an amazing atmosphere!! The rooms are clean and the common room in the 5th floor is awesome! The staff could have been more friendly but that was the only blip. A good location too!

Sunflower Hotel Hoi An

Hoi An, Vietnam

This is a very overpriced hostel for what it is. However, the atmosphere is great and the bar in the garden is lovely. The rooms are clean and the breakfast buffet is lovely!

Vietnam Inn Saigon

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

A brilliant hostel. The rooms are great and clean and the common room is awesome! A great hostel to meet people with a great atmosphere and a brilliant location!

Bun Linda Hostel

Siem Reap, Cambodia

The hostel is wonderful! Bun and his family are absolutely amazing and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay there! The rooms and great and the swimming pool is lovely!!! Also Bun's wife cooks the most gorgeous food and bun is just amazing!!

Koh Tao Central Hostel

Koh Tao, Thailand

It was a great hostel! The 16 bed dorm was perfect and everything was clean and in working order. The only thing is that the location isn't great but it's only a 15 minute walk to where everything is!

Link Corner Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

A lovely hostel! We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here. The staff are lovely and the chill out space on the second floor is great!! A good location, it has everything you could want from a hostel!

Plug-Inn Boutique Hostel

Paris, France

It was a great hostel at a reasonable price compared with the usual paris rates! The 4 bed mixed room was great and te en suite was a big plus. There is also free internet and a kirch downstairs. A great location by the moulin rouge. I would definetly recomend.

Ostello Venezia

Venice, Italy

It was the cheapest hostel we could find in Venice. It is a great place to meet travellers and a good location- the boat pass is great! The 16 bed rooms are not great however, there is no air con and it is boiling in the evenings! The beds are clean but the rooms look like prisons. I recommend for anyone to stay here and it has all you need when your back packing!

Do Step Inn

Vienna, Austria

It was a great hostel, we stayed in the 6 bed ensuite and it was brilliant- lovely and clean rooms. The location is not great but we would definetly recommend.

Hostel Kaktus

Prague, Czech Republic

A horrendous hostel. It is not even a hostel but a womens flat- we had to wait outside the hostel for 2 hours to wait for the lady to wake up to let us in. The whole flat is filthy and stinks of smoke and my friend and i were ill for a week afterwards due to the anount of smoke. A dog is running around too. The only good thing is the location. DO NOT STAY HERE


Such an impressive hostel. Great rooms and good value for money. The location is not great but the metro is relatively near and very efficient. The staff are relatively friendly. One of the secruity guards however is horrible and very intimidating. He followed us to our room once and told us to be quiet and we were not even being loud but apart from that we had a great stay.

Hotel Van Belle

Brussels, Belgium

This hotel is in a awful area. My friend and I didnt even want to leave the room. The hotel is extremely average and I would not recommend it. The sheets were clean and the bed was comfy but they are the only good points. I wouldnt bother going to Brussels. Its not a nice city at all.