Reviews: Anonymous

Location: England, Gender: Male, Age: 24

Hostel Split Wine Garden

Split, Croatia

Great location, near everything you need, and met a load of other travellers here which was nice. 20 minute walk to the beach but thats not an issue as the staff inform you of all the best things to do etc. I really enjoyed my stay here!

Suite Hostel1

Budapest, Hungary

brilliant hostel for travellers, met loads of other people there and went out every night, very sociable place! however you should make sure you check with the staff on how to get to certain night clubs before hand as we got lost a few times, and the only issue with this hostel was the loud music being played at 10am in the morning after a rough night out, otherwise its recommended to stay here!


Really enjoyed the atmosphere in this hostel, which provides excellent facilities! booked at the last minute and on arrival staff were helpful and even provided us with a free drink which was a nice touch. Would recommend!

Hotel Plus

Bratislava, Slovakia

Absolutely horrific hostel! Would not recommend it to my worst enemy. Upon arrival staff were rude, and had to walk through this extremely large dark building to which can only be described as something of a horror film! to be greeted by our dirty room right at the very end. Poor location for anything so we asked the staff if there was anywhere we could go to which they replied 'no'. So we did our own research and stood at a dodgy bus stop for an hour to travel to the city centre.

Panda Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Cosy hostel with a friendly vibe, managed to meet loads of other travellers here, and the staff are extremely friendly and helpful!

PLUS Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Favorite hostel off my travels! extremely friendly atmosphere, with everything you need whilst travelling only minor issue is the travel to the nightclubs, however a guide was present to take you to all the best clubs so you didnt get lost. Excellent hostel!

Corner Hostel

Berlin, Germany

Nice friendly hostel with a homely feel, however location is not the greatest and the kitchen was extremely dirty

Hotel 103

Berlin, Germany

Modern hostel, which provides everything you need, and located next to some nice restaurants however, a bit of a walk/taxi drive away from the main night clubs which was the only issue, otherwise it was a pleasant stay!


Belfast, Northern Ireland

Great hostel to stay at, extremely helpful/friendly staff and located a few minute walk from everything you need!