Reviews: Anonymous

Transylvania Hostel

Cluj Napoca, Romania

Amazing staff...only downside, other stupid guests kept losing the ping pong balls! take a deposit!!

Tiger Tims Place

Budapest, Hungary

Absolutely loved this hostel. The best atmosphere, nightly adventures, Tim's aweosme, perfect location makes it walkable to everything, not to mention a cross the street from the world's fanciest McDonalds (don't judge..)


Extremely nice staff! Loved the walk around when I arrived and an excellent breakfast.

B Movie Hostel

Krakow, Poland

No customer comment

St Christopher's Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Alright location, not my favourite neighbourhood in Berlin. Very clean and up to St Christopher's standards...the bar is very lively at night but i felt like a slob walking through the crowd in my pj's to reach the common room...meh

Pegasus Hostel

Berlin, Germany

This is the neighbourhood to be in. Going to Berghain. STAY HERE. oh and its chhhheap!

Pfefferbett Hostel

Berlin, Germany

A log fireplace in the lounge?! WINNING. Friendly staff, best beds, free laptops, pretty good neighbourhood though out of the way for typical tourist sights.

Check In Hostel

Berlin, Germany

So cheap which is why I stayed here. Good location, no atmosphere but perfect for a central place to sleep.

Hikers Hostel Plovdiv

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Had a great stay in this ideally located, social and relaxed hostel. I'm very greatful I was given a room when I arrived at 6am where most hostel tell you to wait until official check in time. The showers are weird though, but not a deterrent.

Nomad Cave Hostel

Goreme, Turkey

Great hostel...liked the tea, staff were knowledgable...AHH but when someone pointed out the water dripping noise in a cave dorm...i never slept soundly again. still a fun experience! do it


They arranged for a taxi to the airport but when we got to the airport the driver wouldn't honor the price the hostel told us. The driver called the hostel and (all i could hear) the taxi driver kept saying they never drive people for the price Chef Hostel claims it costs...we ended up having to pay what the taxi driver demanded not what the hostel prepared us for...not a fun last minute stress leaving the country.

Cliff Hotel

Amman, Jordan

Staff is very knowledgeable and helpful, even helped me get a discount on local shisha and beer. It's very noisy from the cars honking at night but I was so tired it never kept me up. In Jordan they smoke everywhere so be warned the hotel is smokey in the main area. Wifi worked but was a bit slow, very weak signal in my dorm but I stayed in 8 at the far end of the hotel. I heard my bed had bed bugs this year but was cleaned so I was fine. Installed a new fan while I was staying there.