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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 38

The Siem Reap Hostel

Siem Reap, Cambodia

The Siem Reap Hostel has arguably the least original name of all the hostels in Siem Reap, but it makes up for this by having a great pool, a cool bar, and plenty of comfortable areas for general hanging out and other tomfoolery. An inexpensive tuk-tuk around Angkor Wat was easily arranged by the non-violent staff, and the building itself is mere footsteps from Drunk Street and the night market. I wouldn't complain if the wifi signal was stronger in the dorms, but I'm not complaining now either.

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Hi, I'm glad you found our staff to be non-violent! Thanks for the great review. Due to comments like yours, we have upgraded the wifi so the signal in the dorms is good and strong. Cheers Gus and Driess Management

Dina's Hostel

Cairo, Egypt

It doesn't look like much from the outside, but inside Dina's Hostel there's a lot in the way of comfort and convenience. They arranged an airport pickup, they ordered food for delivery, and they always had the fridge stocked with plenty of water, beer and soft drinks. The staff was friendly, though our safety concerns about the US Embassy violence at the time were met with bewildered stares. Still, the facilities and location (proximity to Khan el-Khalili and Egyptian Museum a plus) were solid!

Hotel Central

Casablanca, Morocco

Hotel Central is a great place to stay since you're only spending one night in Casablanca. It's very close to Rick's Cafe (one of the only places in Morocco that serves alcohol), and it's a mere ten minute walk to that giant mosque on the waterfront. Once you've been to those two places, you've pretty much exhausted every reason to stay in Casablanca -- though the guy who runs Hotel Central has a dry enough sense of humor, I suppose it would be worth an extra night just to hang out with him.

Funky Fes

Fez, Morocco

Funky Fes was among the more comfortable places I stayed in Morocco! Sure, there's no alcohol allowed on the premises, and yes, their guided tours inevitably lead you into another ridiculous carpet shop where you have to awkwardly plead your way out of buying a rug you neither need nor want. But these issues are endemic to Morocco as a whole, so I can't really hold them against Funky Fes. Its location just on the outskirts of the medina is ideal for not getting as lost as you otherwise could. :)


Ljubljana, Slovenia

Booking a hostel that (at the time) had no reviews is a risky venture, but I'm glad I did. Dragondoss isn't without its flaws - there's nowhere to cook and the showers leak water just a bit - but it is incredibly comfortable, colorful, and I doubt you could find a hostel with a better location in Ljubljana. The staff is just one guy, and while he's a little hands-off, he is wholly attentive when you need him to be. In fact, if humans didn't need to eat or stay clean, Dragondoss would be perfect.

Paprika Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

Before discovering Paprika Hostel, I arrived in Budapest and checked into what I will politely refer to as "the filthiest hostel in the known universe" which, in addition to being filthy, had no character, windows, or hot water. I fled that dive and luckily arrived at Paprika, where the staff and owner were amazing, the floors and bathrooms are spotless, the pub crawls are a blast, and one shower there is the most satisfying clean I experienced in Europe. Get in on this one, folks.


One private double room at Sandino is actually a modified recreational caravan on stilts, which was remarkably comfortable and probably ranks among the most interesting places I've ever slept. But the real treasure of this hostel was its owner/caretaker, Michael. I enjoyed his company and his hostel and his free-range chickens so much that I extended my stay, and since the caravan was booked by then I was relegated to the tent - which was almost more comfortable than the caravan! It's insane!

Cool & Bed

Lyon, France

It is apparent that Cool & Bed was founded by real travelers who knew what they wanted to see in a hostel. Every amenity is here -- every bed has its own locker, lamp, shelf and power outlet; there is food and beer (on tap!) available to buy in the common area; the showers are well designed and the bathrooms are clean. But most importantly, the owners make themselves known and are extremely friendly, the one thing missing from many other European hostels. Take THAT, faceless corporate entities!