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St Christopher's Village

London, England

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Your hostel was to anonymous for me, it had the feeling of a hotel with bunkbed-dorms. Sadly was the hostel bar not manned properly cause the bartender seems to be busy with other duties than being behind the bar and chatting with guests and introduce the to each other. In general a good hostel that need to get their bar going and add some vegetables and fruits to the breakfast then it will become an awesome place to stay at.


I think this hostel, Weltempfänger, got it. It has a nice decor, good location and a nice lobby/bar. The only downside during my stay was the atmosphere. It was kind of hard to get to know other guests maybe the bartender could have worked the crowd to get a more chit-chatty atmosphere, hard to say could just be bad luck for me that time. Would recommend others to stay here.


This is like the best hostel I stayed at in Germany. Really great atmosphere and easy to get to know other guests. Large communal tables, excellent shared kitchen (well equipped) and clean facilities. Can write an essay about Instant Sleep but in short when I go to Hamburg again this is the place where I will stay.


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Kabul Backpackers Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Really good part hostel, located next to Las Ramblas with its pros and cons. Friendly staff. Limited drink list in the bar (only 3 choices). Would recommend the hostel to friends that want to party but I will inform them that it has a couple of years of wear and tear.


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City Backpackers Hostel

Stockholm, Sweden

Awesome hotel in central Stockholm just minutes away from the centralstation with buses, trains and airport express. It's a classic european backpacking hostel so yes you got the aussies, canadians, americans on their euro trip there as well as the europeans and on rare occation some swedes. Free coffee, tea and pasta (dried one so you need to cook it yourself in the shared kitchen) is big plus.


This is a nice hostel in a central location but it isn't a hostel in that sence that they got a bar and cool backpackers from all over the world hang out their. It is a relax place to sleep at and enjoy their nice breakfast buffe kind of a hotel on a shoestring.

PangeaPeople Hostel & Hotel

Berlin, Germany

It's like a copy-cat of Wombats. But Pangea doesn't deliver the finishing pieces. Two examples: cold water showers (don't like that surprise in the morning after a night out), buffe at NYE, it was a joke come on 2 hot dishes filled bell peppers and chicken curry (also a veggie version for vegitarians), 1 soup and only a vanilla pudding (or a really bad pannacotta) and a donut for dessert. It costed only 9,5 € so what to expect. You could have had it so: Start over and do it right.

  • 30th Dec 2012
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  • Sweden
  • All Male Group, 25-30
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Wombats City Hostel Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

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