Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Australia, Gender: Male, Age: 30

12 months of travel, probably the best hostel I've stayed in for comfort. The beds are fantastic. Not a party hostel if that's what you're looking for, but it still has atmosphere. The pool and bar area is great.

Barra Beach Club Oceanfront Hostel

Florianopolis, Brazil

Beautiful hostel in a great location. Definite highlight is the food - breakfast is one of the best I have had in south america (panini maker with fresh bread, ham and cheese, fruit, fruit smoothie, coffee - generally you only get bread and coffee at most hostels), and the optional dinners prepared by the in-house chefs are amazing.

El Diablo Tranquilo

Punta del Diablo, Uruguay

A great hostel, in a spot. Staff are very friendly and helpful. Felt very comfortable here. Rooms get super hot at night though and there is no air-con or cealing fans, and it seemed impossible to keep the mosquitoes out of the room. Made for a few sleepless nights. But otherwise we had a very enjoyable stay here.

Balconada Beach Hostel

La Paloma, Uruguay

Nice hostel directly across from the beach. The owners dog is the greatest, follows the guests everywhere. We went for a few walks on the beach and into town, every time accompanied by the hostels Labrador.


We stayed here mid-week just before peak season started, so there was not much happening, but the hostel was very comfortable and in a good location.

Milhouse Avenue

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Stay here, party hard. Recover somewhere else. Actually a great hostel - would be nice though if the hostel took some initiative and enforced a noise curfew in the room/courtyard area. Really, if your on the first floor and your mate is asleep on the fifth floor, there are better ways to wake him up at 5 in the morning than yell his name into the courtyard for 10 minutes (just one example).

Milhouse Hipo

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Taxi Driver took me to the Avenue hostel by mistake, but the guys there transferred my booking - so didn't actually stay in Hipo. Sure it's very similar to Avenue, which was a great (party) hostel. Not so good for your health though, if you stay here, you will party. And party hard.

Hotel de Bellevue

Paris, France

Good value hotel/hostel. In a pretty Ghetto area though!

Smart Russell Square Hostel

London, England

Value for money is one of the worst of any hostel I have stayed, it is very expensive even by London standards. Russell square is in Zone 1, which is convenient, but there are many better areas to stay in Zone 1 and even Zone 2. Main issue for me was the bathroom facilities are terrible. Communal showers and changing area only. Not good enough when you a paying premium prices.

San Sebastian Roos Bed & Brekky

San Sebastian, Spain

After arriving at this place I was fairly relieved to only have one night booked. It's basically a guys tiny apartment *converted* into a hostel. Bathrooms are the size of a shoebox, didn't even bother to attempt to shower. Wouldn't have minded so much if it was cheap, but it was by far the most expensive hostel I stayed in during my time in Spain. There have been very few hostels in the world I have disliked more.

Las Musas Hostel

Madrid, Spain

This is still one of my top five hostels in Europe. Definitely THE place to stay in Madrid - only improvement would be a pool - it gets kinda hot in Madrid ;)