Reviews: Anonymous

La Masia Summer Hostel

Taganga, Colombia

one of the best hostels ive ever stayed at... comfy beds, great pool area, amazing friendly staff... would definitely recommend this place!

Hostal Marsella

Quito, Ecuador

I stayed there twice and had very different experiences. the first time was pretty good... although the room was a bit small, it was clean and right on the top floor next to the sun deck. it was nice and peaceful. the second time, however, I was on the 2nd floor, which is where the owner and his family lives. it was really loud you could here people talking and kids crying, etc... there was also some construction going on which started 7am every day and the hot water was intermittent...


overall I liked this hostel. it was unbeatable on price in comparison to the other hostels in town. restaurant was good with reasonable prices, and rooms were spacious and clean. The only thing I wasn't crazy about is the bathrooms/shower: they were the same ones used by the restaurant customers which was a bit uncomfortable and awkward. Also i never had hot water at all (although its so hot out sometimes a cool shower is nice). if youre only in town for a short stay its fine though


hands down one of the best hostels i have ever stayed at! location was just a block back from the beach, facilities were clean, comfy bed with good linens. nice big kitchen and a lot of common areas. Would highly recommend!