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Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 28

Salmon Weir Hostel

Galway, Ireland

Fun stay at Salmon Weir! Location was great, just a short walk to center of town. Security good; we had a key to our room and had to be buzzed in every time to enter the hostel itself. The staff, Francisco especially, were super friendly and very helpful with all our questions. Nice, welcoming atmosphere. Slept in a 6-bed room; the room was hilariously narrow but we managed! Bathroom for room in hallway; toilet & sink in same place so only one person at a time. Would definitely stay here again!


Stayed in 8-bed mixed dorm; not huge but definitely big enough! Shower & toilet (ensuite) were in the same room so only one could use it at a time, but we didn't use it much because Dublin was having water troubles when we were there. All the staff were exceptionally friendly and helpful, this was the best part! Location also pretty good, 10 min south of Temple Bar. Free breakfast not much, just cereal and toast (wish there had been more than jam for the toast), but it's better than nothing!


Dusseldorf, Germany

Just stayed at Hotel Acon for one night and we were pleased with everything! We came late at night but someone was there to let us in; we also left rather early so we missed the breakfast but that's ok. Staff were helpful; the manager in the morning let us print our boarding tickets with their printer. Location was excellent, close to the train station, and prices weren't bad. I'd definitely recommend them for someone wanting quick access to the station.

Hostelle - Female Only Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Location fine, a quick and easy train ride to the center. Good internet, nice lobby, good bathrooms, enough showers, no complaints there! Most frustrating part was finding out upon arrival that towels were not "for hire", as I had read online, but could only be purchased for 5€. I'd never stayed in a hostel where you had to BUY the towel; not expecting that I hadn't brought one. I'd expected that I could rent one for a couple euros or put down a deposit, like all other hostels I've stayed in.


Nice to have a bathroom in room. The room we stayed in was full but not too cramped. Small-ish lobby but it was full of people hanging out. Seem to remember smoking being allowed after a certain hour; I was not a fan of that. Location not bad, pretty easy to get to the center/Dom area by Straßenbahn. Overall decent, I'd stay here again!

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Thank you for your feedback! You'll be happy to hear, that we just changed to a complete non-smoking hostel. So it will be fresh air even in the bar at night, next time you visit! :)

Babelfish Hostel Würzburg

Wurzburg, Germany

Had a great stay at Babelfish Hostel! We were there in January and it was fairly empty; my party of 3 had a 8-bed room to ourselves. Bathrooms were ok; didn't seem to be too many but maybe there were others elsewhere on the floor that I didn't see. Staff very friendly, location was amazing (literally across the street from the Hbf), free wi-fi; I'd definitely stay here again!


Berlin, Germany

We had a lovely stay here! Nice quiet hostel, more like a giant apartment with rooms for guests. We had a huge room for three of us with a sink in the room, bathrooms and kitchen down the hall. The owner was very, very friendly; he was there to greet us when we arrived, gave us a tour and definitely wanted to make sure we were comfortable. We even came back on New Year's Day to find a complimentary bottle of champagne (Sekt) from him! Location good, quick trip to Zoologischer Garten by U-Bahn.

A&O Dusseldorf Hauptbahnhof

Dusseldorf, Germany

Not a bad walk from the train station, wifi good but only works in lobby. 45 minute wait to check in because there were two big groups checking in in front of us and only one staff member doing check in, but check in itself actually only took a few minutes. The room was nice and clean, we had four beds with a bathroom in the room.

Frankfurt Hostel

Frankfurt, Germany

Would recommend this hostel! Price a little higher than I like to pay, but the location was perfect, literally just outside the Kaiserstraße entrance to the underground passage to the Hauptbahnhof - great for me, because I was staying there before an early morning flight. Only two people in my 8 bed room, definitely would have been crowded with all 8. Only found two single bathrooms in my hall; one bathroom was missing its door so the toilet and shower were unusable. Wifi only in lobby.

Heart of Gold Hostel

Berlin, Germany

I've stayed here before and recommended this hostel to others when I studied abroad in Berlin; it's decent and the location in particular is great, just a few blocks from Friedrichstraße Bahnhof. But it's nothing special otherwise. The music in the lobby is rather loud all the time, making it hard to talk; that alone might be enough for me to look for a different hostel for the next time I'm in Berlin.

Five Elements Hostel Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany

I was very pleased with Five Elements! The location was excellent, a very short walk from the Hauptbahnhof, and I didn't find Frankfurt's red light district very sketchy at all - nothing to be worried about there. Rooms were pretty spacious, staff was nice, also had lots of events going on like pasta and movie nights. Would definitely stay here again!

Zodiakus Hostel

Krakow, Poland

An excellent hostel!! The location was amazing (a short walk from the town center), the staff was super friendly (they would organize and take groups from the hostel to their favorite bars and clubs), and the atmosphere made it easy to meet fellow travelers - I made a number of new friends while staying there! Definitely the best hostel experience I've ever had; I would without a doubt recommend it to anyone visiting this fantastic city and will always stay there any time I'm in Kraków!


Dusseldorf, Germany

Overall, my stay here was ok. The rooms were spacious, the staff was friendly, & the location was decent. But...they use a key code to enter/lock rooms, not physical keys (so a former occupant who'd remembered the code was able to enter the room at 4 A.M. my last night); there were lockers provided in the room but the sixth, mine, was broken; and my first night I came back late to find they'd given me the wrong bed earlier & I had to make my new bed in the dark with sleeping roommates.