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Avalon House

Dublin, Ireland

I had a good time, but their keys kept messing up. I feel bad for the people at the reception trying to fix cards all day long. The rooms are nice, but I wish I could have a locker in the room, instead of renting it downstairs (1 euro every day). The bathrooms are mixed and not as clean as expected, but it could be just the layout and tiles. The breakfast is nice. I heard about Avalon through Friendly Fun Franks in Riga, Latvia, but couldn't book on the other site(no fees) for girl dorm.

Astor Queensway

London, England

I had a good time, even though the crowd of people around spring break were young and loud. There were so many free things like towels, breakfast, or small fees for safes, and laundry. It was close to the tube, Hyde Park and small grocery stores. The cute blue haired Australian guy helped me with my bus ticket to the airport and everyone at the desk always could answer any questions I had. I had a blast!

Brussels 2GO4 Quality Hostel

Brussels, Belgium

There seems to be less staff or need another person at the desk, since they do close reception and luggage closet between 1pm and 4pm! I did have a complaint about my room and the girl at the desk was really nice about investigating the matter. The entrance is not fantastic or the bathing area, but the location was great. I met some pretty fun people in the four mixed dorm. I wish they would have female dorms though and lockers in every room including four bedrooms (Asian & Western markets near)


I had a good time. The breakfast buffet was fantastic. I enjoyed walking to the downtown area, even if it took around 35min or so. The area Ehrenfeld is quite nice and would be awesome during the spring and summer. The luggage "room" was hilarious by clamping the luggage and having your luggage dangle in the air right by the café. The girls dorm had its own bathroom; although, with four girls, it was difficult to take turns. The drains of the showers were a little clogged with hair probably.

Generator Hostel Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark

The hostel is more of a hotel style. It is secure until you have to check out and place your luggage in the open luggage room. I can see how it can be time consuming for the staff to open the room up constantly, but maybe use a security code that changes daily? The breakfast was delicious, even though expensive because it seems like it is included. The staff were helpful, but really brief and I had to ask lots of questions because the routine of things were not clear. I had a great time though.

City Backpackers Hostel

Stockholm, Sweden

I was throughly impressed by the security codes for every door. I felt very safe and comfortable. The lounging area was awesome and the kitchen was a great place to make some pasta :-) I had a fabulous time!


Had a wonderful time! You guys have done a great job from when you check in until the end. The tours were awesome and I loved the bobsledding opportunity. I was very impressed on how clean everything was and I enjoyed the breakfast. The staff has been the friendliest from the rest of my trip and if they don't know something they are kind to look it up. They even remembered my name because I stayed here more than two. Definitely will be recommending you guys.

Pie Jana

Liepaja, Latvia

It was such a nice place. At night in the winter, it seems a little shady, but it is safe and it's just small city that's why there are few street lights. It's close to the train/bus station and a 10-15min walk to the center. The family that runs the bed and breakfast is so nice. Lounge and kitchen area are fantastic, TVs in every room, and nice bathrooms. I would come again during the summer!! It's a really cozy and comfortable place to stay for a vacation.

Lzone Hostel

Busan, South Korea

We got to the hostel and did not realize that this was a language center (you do get a drink though). Then we had to walk to an apartment (two buildings away from the language center). The 'hostel' or apartment had linen that had to be placed on the bed, and there was a security code for the hostel, but no lockers. We booked a 4 private bed. They did reimburse us ₩5,000 for the mistake. It took a week to withdraw the money from credit card.

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Dear customer, as this was a few months ago we apologize and are now trying our best to make the changes that are needed to meet your wishes. Since Lzone The Language Cafe not only serves as a cafe but also the reception it might be a little confusing and we apologize for that as well. Thank you for giving us feedback, we appreciate all feedback in order to meet the costumers wishes and needs.