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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 28

Wild Rover Backpackers

La Paz, Bolivia

Fun party hostel, great staff who really know how to cultivate the atmosphere, including coming to your room at 7 pm for some free shots. One complaint is that there are almost no outlets in the rooms to charge your electronics. They have lockers in the reception area where you can charge stuff, but that's a pain in the ass (and they aren't big enough for even the smallest laptops). Overall great place to stay though.

The Adventure Brew Hostel

La Paz, Bolivia

Good facilities, but lacking in atmosphere compared to Loki and Wild Rover. Fine for a few nights, but if you´re looking to party I would choose one of the other aforementioned hostels instead.

Marlon's House Puno

Puno, Peru

Great hostel, not a lot of communal vibe but great facilities and internet. Good place to relax and prepare for an excursion.


Nice building, good rooms, good bar area. Staff are rude and provide poor service, both at the reception area and the bar.

Banana's Adventure

Huacachina, Peru

Cool aesthetic and great location, also like the pool and all the areas for chilling out. Service at the bar was poor, dorm rooms are very cramped, get very hot, and don't have lockers. Overall nice place to hang out though and fits the vibe of the town.

Iguana Backpackers

Montanita, Ecuador

Loft dorm on top floor is excellent for sleeping and hanging out. Hostel is very simple but atmosphere blends well with laid back vibe of the town. Didn't like that back door remained unlocked all day and night and that there was nowhere to hang out after hours.

Park Life Hostel

Popayan, Colombia

Staff was friendly and helpful and spoke English, and the hostel has an excellent location on the main town square. However, the facilities were poor: only one bathroom was easily accessible from most of the rooms (and water got everywhere whenever someone showered in it) and there was no comfortable common area with tables for spending time. The hostel also seemed a bit grimy.

SamS VIP Hostel San Gil

San Gil, Colombia

Beautiful hostel located on the main town square, includes large, well-equipped kitchens, two beautiful balconies, fast internet and a huge Blu-ray collection. Staff is friendly and helpful. Only drawback is that hostel has several small hangout areas in different parts of the building instead of one big one, which reduces the communal vibe.

La Brisa Loca

Santa Marta, Colombia

Possibly the nicest hostel I've ever stayed in. Location is in downtown Santa Marta, which is far from my favorite place in Colombia, but the hostel itself is a beautiful mediterranean mansion with awesome amenities: pool in the courtyard, big rowdy bar, pool table, rooftop patio (open all night), nice tv room with thousands of movies, etc. Staff are really friendly and help rile up the bar on party nights - they genuinely seem to have fun working. Can't recommend this place enough.

Media Luna Hostel

Cartagena, Colombia

Nice facilities, nice pool, my favorite hostel in Santa Marta

Casa Nativa Hostel

Cartagena, Colombia

Hostel was small with very little common space to hang out and meet other travelers. Staff were not knowledgable about the area and seemed to just be punching the clock until it was time to party. Hostel was not particularly clean, and the top bunks in the dorm rooms were high and difficult to get into. Not a horrible place, but there are far better options in Cartagena for the same money.

El Viajero Cartagena Hostel

Cartagena, Colombia

Well-organized and clean hostel with big common areas and a well-equipped kitchen. Staff were not very friendly or helpful. The building is big and functional but not very pretty or a very enjoyable place to spend time. People seemed to keep to themselves and the general vibe was not particularly warm or communal. Wifi was also terrible - inexcusable for a hostel in a big city.

The Cranky Croc Hostel

Bogota, Colombia

Main common area is too dimly lit at night and too small. Not sufficient number of bathrooms for number of guests staying at hostel. Rooms and common areas could have been cleaner and neater. Hostel was fine but there are prettier, better maintained places in the same area. Friends who stayed at musicology liked it a lot.

Mellow Yellow Villa

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Hostel markets itself as a "party hostel", but in reality is quite small and not very rowdy at night. It is in Copacabana but far (relatively speaking, maybe 5-6 blocks) from the beach. Bathrooms were messy and a bit crowded and kitchen was tiny. Nothing wrong with this hostel, but there are many other hostels in Rio and I see no reason to pick this one. I stayed at the Mango Tree Hostel during the same trip and preferred it.

The Mango Tree

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Excellent location, 1 block from the beach. Staff was friendly and helpful. Common area was nice but a little dull, hostel did not seem like a "party hostel" if that's what you're looking for. Dorm rooms were small but bathrooms were clean and spacious, and there were lots of outdoor areas where you could hang out.

America del Sur Hostel

El Calafate, Argentina

Staff, particulary Germán and Nadia, are wonderful, knowledgeable and very friendly. Hostel is very clean and aesthetically pleasing, and has a great view of the sunset.

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Thanks a lot for your lovely words...German and Nadia send you a big hug :-)

Rancho Grande Hostel

El Chalten, Argentina

Clean, comfortable, close to hiking trails.