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HI Miami Beach

Miami, USA

Perfect location, modern facilities, hard to fault...and yet, this hostel misses something. Ìf anything, it is a bit TOO professional: the staff were courteous but cool, the experience streamlined but not memorable. Go here to be safely in the heart of South Beach and to not worry about anything. If you want character or community...I am not sure if there are others in the area that are better, but this one doesn`t have it.


Quirky and fun, this hostel seems a bit out of place in sprawling Tampa, especially as it seems to be the only hostel in the area. Outdoor washrooms mix with attic rooms and roof balconies. This is more "travellers' commune" than "party hostel" or "in-and-out discount". Shout out to Christine at the front desk, who was forced to put up with some troublesome guests and did so effectively and decisively, credit to her. A good place to stay!

HI San Francisco - City Center

San Francisco, USA

Great location, even better price, tastefully decorated, cleaner than a Holiday Inn, and most importantly, an excellent staff! Couldn't have been more impressed. Note: those who criticize the hostel for its location in the Tenderloin are either a) young, inexperienced, naive travelers at best, or b) incapable of handling anything that is a slight downgrade from the Upper West Side in NY or a gated community. No one chooses to be homeless, and the hostel has opportunities to help the solution!

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Thanks for your awesome review! We love it when our aim to create a vibrant, fun, homey, quirky, beautiful ambiance for travelers is a success! We agree that though we can’t solve all our neighborhood’s problems, we certainly can try to make a difference. Our events coordinator, Anthony, takes great pride in offering hostellers and staff alike the opportunity to volunteer with GLIDE to feed the homeless in the Tenderloin. Thanks for the shout out and happy travels! Kelsey HICC Staff


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This one is tough to review. On the one hand, it was extremely modern, secure, clean, well-equipped...and yet, it was missing something. It started with a somewhat ambivalent attitude from the staff and continued through to a rather quiet and lazy crowd at the hostel (though, in fairness, this is not entirely the hostel's fault). While on the surface this hostel is 100%, it was simply missing...something. Hard to place. Still, a great place to lay your head right beside Lapa!

Hostel Galeria 13

Salvador, Brazil

I have been all over the world and have been lucky enough to enjoy some of the best hostels. This one "takes the cake," my first 100%. Fantastic atmosphere for chillers and partiers alike. A great little pool to relax in after a day's adventure. Helpful and knowledgeable staff. A perfect location, in the heart of UNESCO-proteected Pelourhino. And a happy hour deal that'll knock your socks off (all-you-can-drink caipirinhas for an hour!). Just fantastic. What a town. What a hostel!

Vila Madalena Hostel

Sao Paulo, Brazil

This hostel is safe, clean, and reasonably secure, with a cute and fun little bar attached for socializing. It is in a pleasant part of São Paulo, near to Vila Madalena, but unfortunately a good 15 minute walk from a either of two subway stations. Extra points go to the VERY helpful staff and the general relaxed atmosphere the hostel produces, it is easy to acclimatize to this place. Make sure to check out Consulado Mineiro in nearby Praça Benedito Calixto for one of the best meals in town!

AAE Bourbon House Hostel

New Orleans, USA

Though a bit out of the way (particularly in light of of New Orleans' less-than-stellar public transit system), the hostel is still clean, well-stocked and provides a nice indoor/outdoor common area. For once my traveling partner and I enjoyed a private room, which had a fantastic air conditioner. It also had a couple of earwigs, but it is the Bayou in Spring, hard to blame them! I'd stay again, the staff and other visitors were fantastic!


Bohemian vibe with a slightly overgrown and disheveled quality....which means it fits in perfectly with New Orleans. Friendly and helpful staff, a great kitchen and common area (probably the best I've seen in US hostels), that important greasy breakfast until 1pm, and a collage of characters to boot. Right on the Canal St. streetcar line too, which aids travel within the city immensely. Highly recommended!

Little Big House

Thessaloniki, Greece

An exceptional place in an exceptional town. Highlights include its security measures, aesthetic, and balance between being a place to meet people (5am nights!) and also to relax. A must go if in town!

Athens Backpackers

Athens, Greece

There are two kinds of hostels: party hostels and relaxed hostels. Backpackers falls into the former category. If you want to meet people and have a great (loud) time, this is the place for you. If you are looking for calm, quiet and peaceful...this may not be the place for you. Luckily for me, I was looking for a good time, and Backpackers certainly provided it! A definite recommendation for anyone going to Athens! Can't beat the location, too!


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Friendly and accomodating staff and a hostel with great character - good combo! A small thing, however: wifi service in the upper floors did not work!

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Dear Nikolas, thank you for leaving us a review! We did notice the wifi upstairs not working properly and have already fixed it. Thanks for letting us know though and we're happy you had a good stay anyway! Cheers, Lotje

Barnacles Temple Bar House

Dublin, Ireland

Clean, cheap, unbeatable location!