Reviews: Anonymous


This is a good and clean short stay place if you use a private room and are not piled into one of the dorms with their three tier bunks. The staff were very helpful and the location excellent for tourists. The food provided for breakfast was another plus. However, the showers were often cold or took a while to warm up. The seating in the small cubby hole of a loungue was so soft that it nearly made my back giveway ( it needs replacing). It mainly attracts young people from all over the world.

Everton Hostel

Liverpool, England

It's sited in a crumbling Georgian house located next to some empty soon to be demolished property. A large spider and a couple of dragon flies in the basement bedroom (a former kitchen) terrified my wife whilst the damp worsened an already existing asthmatic condition. However what prevented our stay from being an absolute nightmare were some very helpful staff and the presence of some very interesting overseas visitors who helped to create an extremely pleasant atmosphere in the common room.