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Hostel Quetzal

Cancun, Mexico

Good place with a cool atmosphere, but it was a bit annoying that every night the staff did their best to sell everyone these tacky 600 peso parties to everyone. in effect this mean that if you are a lone traveller that wants to go out you either have to cough up the money for some pretty lame pool party with "unlimited alcohol (until like 2 am)" or go at it alone. though i understand why the staff did it, since if they brought people to these events they could party for free

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Yes Cancun nightlife can be expensive for the cheap traveller. Hostel Quetzal guests pay 10 to 15 USD less than the actual price to go to the clubs in addition to free transport to the club, a table for our guests, express pass no line waiting, and alcohol til 4am. Why so much special treatment? Most of the club entertainment was created, rehearsed and choreographed by our owner. We like the vip treatment our guests enjoy which absolutely sets us apart from everyone else.

Counter Culture Party Hostel

Veracruz, Mexico

Fantastic hostel, adam is a great owner, very invested in his guests. Every night he took us out to some club or salsa place. who could have thought veracruz had sucha night life!

Aussie Hostel

Cairo, Egypt

Aussie hostel has a great location, a very helpful staff, and nice facilities. It is fairly clean and the breakfeast is more generous then you can usually expect from a hostel. And it is cheap. I can strongly recommend.

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Thank you Petter, It was our pleasure serving your stay with us. I wish you have enjoyed Egypt and you had a memorable time here lasts till the next time we see you in Egypt.