Reviews: Anonymous

Carpe Noctem Original

Budapest, Hungary

AMAZING time at Carpe Noctem. Feels like staying at a friend's house because the staff members are so young, friendly, and sociable. Small hostel with 1 main common area, where everyone pretty much has to meet each other. Rooms are spacious, with kitchen and laundry on site. Only downside is there's only 1 bathroom w/ 2 showers and 2 toilets. Staff take us out every single night to pub crawls, mixers with other hostels, boat parties, bath parties, etc. FUN place to stay for young travellers

Fusion Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Overall fantastic stay, but horrible social atmosphere. Very cool modern design with clean, spacious rooms, a rotating bar, a play room, a great restaurant and cafe, and laundry facilities. However, there was no common area for people to meet each other and the bar was always deserted. Some of the staff members were extremely friendly while others were very cold and unapproachable. Best parts= beautifully designed hostel, very clean and spacious, facilities/ Worst parts= no social atmosphere