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Hotel San Roque Cartagena

Cartagena, Colombia

A little bit expensive by Colombian standards but not bad for a private room in Cartagena. My room had good air conditioning and a fridge stocked with all kinds of different drinks, which was a welcome surprise. Less than a ten minute walk to Torre del Reloj. Area seemed odd after dark but not dangerous. I really liked the staff, despite none of them speaking much English - communication never managed to be much of a problem. No hot water and slow-ish wifi are only complaints. I'd stay again

Black Sheep Hostel Medellin

Medellin, Colombia

This is very good hostel for meeting people and is within walking distance of most places you'd want to go. The WiFi was fast and never went out. I was impressed with the rooms - while I had booked a single, I was placed in a double. It was very spacious and had a large bathroom, so far as hostels go. The only minor gripe I had was that my fan was very loud and didn't do a good job of keeping the room cool. At any rate, I'd recommend Black Sheep Medellin.

Casa Bellavista Hostel

Bogota, Colombia

Bellavista is located within walking distance to Carrera Septima, The Gold Museum, and a number of other attractions. Rooms were kept mostly clean and the showers have hot water available at all hours. WiFi was a little spotty at times but I was never prevented from getting work done or making bookings. Location is a sketchy after dark and I would not recommend walking with valuables late at night. Staff are AMAZING and always cheerful and willing to help. I will come here again!


I liked Evershine. The rates weren't bad for an early December visit and the owner was quite helpful in giving price estimates for shopping, arranging cheap scooter rentals, and calling a taxi for my airport drop-off. I enjoyed how quiet the area was at night. The Wi-Fi was a little spotty and stopped working infrequently; I also didn't have hot water in my room, which was disappointing and a major let-down for me. I'd still recommend Evershine nevertheless and enjoyed Goa tremendously!

West Two London

London, England

From India, Iraq, Iceland, and now Bosnia and Herzegovina, West Two is probably the worst hostel I've ever stayed at. While one or two of the staff members are nice, many are unprofessional and inconsiderate. I was woken up at 11pm by a worker changing blankets in my room - shouldn't that have been done, like, during the day? Every bathroom is dirty, and each is missing something, whether it be a sink, mirror, or working utilities. The only bonus is location. Just go somewhere better.

Belford Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

I was very reluctant to stay this hostel, considering the negative tone of a number of reviews. After having been at Belford four nights, I'd recommend anybody who complains to never travel anywhere more exotic than their own backyard. It's clean, the staff were generally kind and helpful, and large lockers are free the duration of your stay. My only two gripes are minor: noise at night can echo around something awful (earplugs are provided), and the showers aren't very private.

Reykjavik City Hostel

Reykjavik, Iceland

The facilities were quite nice and impressively modern. However, the location wasn't the best and I occasionally felt more like I was staying at a daycare than a hostel, given the constant crowds of incredibly noisy kids. Staff was helpful but quiet. Iceland is an expensive country, and this is the best hostel in Reykjavik. Just beware the rules posted online about needing your own linen, etc.

Hotel The Spot

New Delhi, India

This is actually one of the better hostels I've stayed at over the last couple of months. The Spot is a bit hard to find, but is otherwise located in a relatively safe part of Paharganj, straddling the corner of two well-lit alleyways. Staff were generally helpful, always polite, and never tried selling me a product I didn't express direct (water+) in. Room was clean but hot water didn't work in the bathroom. Air conditioning in my unit also wasn't exactly high-powered, but there's a fan, too.

Sleep Inn Hostel Tbilisi

Tbilisi, Georgia

The staff here is nice enough but I never quite felt at home, as I have in other hostels before. The facilities are poor - there's only one bathroom for everyone, which was actually unusuable my first two days. We had to either "go" outside or to McDonald's (the shower wasn't working. Everything is fine for now). The atmosphere is otherwise nice, with Sleep Inn being located in a quiet spot not unreasonably far from the city center, bars, and big castle. They also hav a piano and lots of books.

Bodrum Backpackers

Bodrum, Turkey

Not my all-time favorite stay, but I can see why so many folks enjoyed their time here. The location is very good, being only about two turns and a five minute walk from the Bodrum Otogar, with the nearest beach about the same distance away. Although I wasn't too bothered by the noise coming from the bar downstairs, I can certainly see how it might be a problem for some. The Wi-Fi was also spotty and my room's shower only had hot water the first day. Nice staff, gave lots of recommendations.

Vatan Otel

Izmir, Turkey

Decent value for money paid. Hot water didn't work and staff didn't or wouldn't fix burnt out lightbulb. Everything else was Okay. Room was cramped, but you're only paying forty lirab per night. Close to Çankaya Metro station.

Soho Hostel Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

Would stay here again.


Dorm rooms were clean and everything seemed in working order. Hot water was only available in the morning and then again in the evening. Staff was okay, but the housecleaning lady was way more helpful and friendly than pretty much anyone else there. The balconies were a nice touch; the neighborhood was not. Not much activity after dark, save for from garbagemen and sketchy folk on the sidewalk. 30-minute walk to the Acropolis. Decent place to stay for a couple nights but not exceptional.

Soho Hostel Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

Very thoroughly enjoyed my stay here. The staff and owner are fantastic, providing the best hostel experience I've yet to have. Street noise is hard to get used to, but the location is good - SoHo is only a few dozen meters from one of the busiest pedestrian streets in the world, after all. Wi-Fi worked without any problems, and the showers were always hot. Great value for the low price you pay. Will definitely stay here when I go back to Istanbul.


Not a bad place to stay! I didn't find the staff fantastic, but the location was quite well located and in a quiet part of town. As they say, you get what you pay for, and such a low price is worth overlooking whatever faults I may have found.

Q4 Hotel

New York, USA

I didn't have any problems at the Q4 Hotel, aside from my generally pleasant (but talkative) French roommates occasionally making and taking phone calls early in the morning. The facilities are nice, though my dorm had only one bathroom shared between six people. I'm originally from New York, and didn't have any problems with the train passing by. However, I did have a room of the first floor, and the staff were talkative late at night, but were otherwise very helpful.

Greenpoint YMCA

New York, USA

As I think more than a few of my fellow travelers have said, when you stay at the Greenpoint YMCA, you're getting what you pay for. If you don't expect anything fantastic, you'll have a nice stay, because this Y certainly is not catering to the upper-crust of hotel-goers. I don't have any complaints about my stay, since I knew what I was getting into from having stayed at the West Side YMCA before. I only wish the showers were more private, and that there were bathrooms on each floor.