Reviews: anna_rebecka4343

Location: Poland, Gender: Female, Age: 35

Art Hostel Taurus

Bratislava, Slovakia

The staff were friendly and helpful. The bed was comfy. The locker was big. Would definitely stay here again.

My Way Hostel Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia

I had a nice stay in My Way Hostel. The bed was very comfy :) The room was spacious. The staff were friendly and helpful. And you get a big compartment under the bed with a padlock and key! Will definitely recommend to friends.

Old Town Hostel Split

Split, Croatia

I love this place, although maybe it's better suited for younger people ;) Even if you don't want to socialise - you will! And I'll never forget the best-smelling sheets I've ever had in a hostel. The view from the window was amazing and I think it's impossible to find a better location in Split. Will definitely recommend to friends.

Hostel Histria

Koper, Slovenia

Excellent location. I loved the picturesque street and the blue exterior shutters and it's really close to a great pub called Lord Byron. Would definitely stay here again. Feels more like a hotel.

Zeppelin Hostel

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Great atmosphere. Very friendly staff. Will definitely recommend to friends.

Midtown Hostel

Gdansk, Poland

very cozy and quiet place with excellent location

Shelter City

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I'm really pleased with my stay in Shelter City. I especially loved the beautiful patio. The breakfast was very good. The location is more than excellent! I would definitely want to stay there again.

Cinnamon Hostel

Wroclaw, Poland

unpretentious, easy-going place with a very nice and helpful staff, I enjoyed my stay :)

Home Made House/Hostel

Vilnius, Lithuania

I had a great (great!!!) time at Home made House! I loved the atmosphere, the home made breakfast (big and every day different) and comfy bed (the best ever!). I've learned a lot about Vilnius and Lithuania and I met amazing people from around the world. Whenever I'm in Vilnius, I'd love to stay here again! It felt like visiting beloved friends!

Maverick Hostel & Ensuites

Budapest, Hungary

This is a real palace! The building is beautiful and the owners did a really good job with the interiors. There were no bunk beds. The kitchen was excellent with a delicious coffee and tea. The place is so clean you could eat off the floor. The staff is very nice and helpful. Location - excellent. I really enjoyed my stay.

Kismet Dao Hostel

Brasov, Romania

For me it's full 100%. I love this place, I almost cried when I was leaving. If you want to feel as welcomed as when you are visiting your grandma - go to Kismet Dao :) I've never stayed in a place with such a great atmosphere - it's a backpackers paradise. There was a hot coffee 24/7, the breakfast was like 10 different types of cereal and the people who work there - they do it with passion. I also want to highly recommend the daily trip to the 3 castles - it was amazing! Thank you KismetDao!

Urban Nomad Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

I really enjoyed my stay, although it was only one night. If you like to stay in a place with a soul - this is the right address. Ask the owners about the building's history - it's really something. I loved the patio with a tree, there were no bunk beds, the room was very spacious, there was also a nice bathoom with a tub. Location is 5 minutes from Keleti station and Metro.


Brussels, Belgium

True home away from home... Beautiful building with beautiful interiors. Comfy bed. Delicious breakfast. Garden... Too bad I couldn't stay longer. It's such a nice and relaxing place u don't want to go out.

Snuffel Backpacker Hostel

Bruges, Belgium

I had a great time at Snuffel! I love the atmosphere there and staff ppl were super friendly. I was traveling alone and instantly found new friends at the bar. I really enjoyed my stay there. Thank u Snuffel!

Happy Hostel

Vienna, Austria

I had the cheapest option but the room was very spacious - divided into 2 bedrooms - 4 beds each, big living room with a TV, nice kitchen, bathroom, toilet and entrance area where you could hang your coat. There were also additionaI furniture like drawers and closets when you could keep less valuable things. I think it's an excellent value for money. I really enjoyed my stay.

Check In Hostel

Berlin, Germany

Excellent location, just a few steps from famous Jewish Museum. It's clean, the staff is nice and helpful. I think this hostel is best suitable for groups of young people 18-25, for 2-3 nights stay. There's no kitchen or common room, but they have a nice diner in the same building (excellent coffee and very reasonable prices). I read both their terms & conditions and info section - they are really honest about their facilities and services.

Little Town

Prague, Czech Republic

Little Town truly was my home away from home. I'm very grateful for your hospitality.