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Louvre Youth Hostel

Paris, France

Breakfast was awful. I think I used to get better food when I was in a public Elementary School in Brooklyn. The night watch people are great, friendly and all. People in the room were inconsiderate 2 out of 3 of my nights there.

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Alvaro Residencia

Madrid, Spain

Great place to stay with one other person. Friendly reception. Decent bedding. Awesome location - super central.

Riad Chez Lea

Marrakech, Morocco

Fantastic location. Free breakfast. They greeted me with tea and a chance to sit down and relax in the charming garden/lounge upon my arrival, a relief from the unbearable heat. Unbelievably helpful staff - in a city where I had so many questions, they had all the answers. With everyone trying to rip you off, they were telling me the right prices to ask for. When there were pants that interested me, they went out and got it for me at a good price. Great private bedroom. Air Conditioning.

City Lodge Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden

Great location. Right next to the central bus terminal & the old part of the city and trains everywhere.

Perminalen Hotel

Oslo, Norway

Wonderful receptionist. She really went the distance to show me the opening & closing hours of all the locations I had told her I was interested in seeing. Clean building. As basic a breakfast as breakfast gets. Comfortable bedding with night light for reading. Having to re lock doors after entering and exiting is a pain in the butt. Military people everywhere has an interesting feeling.

CheapSleep Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland

I'm critical of most things, but there wasn't much to be critical of here. Clean. Spacious common rooms. Easy access to transportation that leads right into the center of the city. Good places to grab a drink within walking distance. Key card as a lock was impressive. Only criticism is that there's no one at the door late at night. But you do need a key to get in, so it somewhat compliments that missing component.

B Movie Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Bathroom floors looked bad by 2 o'clock. No ventilation. Bike I rented broke moments after I started riding it (maybe just bad luck?)


Good vibe. Cool idea, having a movie theater set-up. Convenience store on the corner was a big plus. Food was within 5 minutes walk. Sights & shopping were walking distance.

Alibi Hostel

Vienna, Austria

Internet was a nightmare at worst possible moment. Then it was like it never happened the next day. Staff was nice. Location walking distance from city centre, good exercise. Not much of a sense of security, gotta rely more on trust and character judgement ---> nervewracking.

Hotel Welcome Inn

Zurich, Switzerland

The staff was wonderful. The Polish gentleman at the counter saw my camera and invited me to the other side of the counter to share and swap photo stories and images. A very welcoming vibe. The room was very comfortably sized, and the facilities were certainly habitable. The only problem is transportation. Considering that the city's transport practically shuts down past a certain hour, getting to and from Kloten is a pain. If only this hotel was actually closer to the city center, I'd love it.