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Hostel Mundo Joven Catedral

Mexico City, Mexico

Good: Decently clean rooms, Excellent (and I mean excellent) Location, fair price, conveniently located safes and key cards. Bad: Zero Atmosphere...If I wanted to stay at a hotel I'd just do that. Staff was nice, but not very helpful apart from doing the bare minimum. This place can't decide if it wants to be a party hostel or normal one, which makes for some poor sleep at times. Wifi was pretty inconsistent and poor generally too.

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Buffalo Backpackers

Pristina, Kosovo

I had an absolute blast in Pristina thanks to this hostel. This hostel probably had one of the unique atmospheres I had ever seen, probably owing to the fact that Kosovo is not known as a tourism hotbed. I had a blast with the Garden Party and Beer Festival. The staff was super friendly and helpful, though at first I had a hard time differentiating the guests from staff (not a bad thing). Met some extremely cool people and had the best time meeting many local people!

SR Backpackers

Saranda, Albania

Where to start? This place feels less like a hostel and more like you are staying over at a good friends apartment. A friend who keeps his apartment spotless, makes a brilliant breakfast, and goes above and beyond to help you at any moment of the day or night. Tomi has redefined the term hospitality. The beach BBQ, the people I met, and my time in Saranda was made amazing thanks to this place. Thank you Tomi for letting us stay at your own home when we had nowhere to stay at 3:30 AM!

Hotel King

Kalambaka, Greece

In a city where there are no hostels this is the closest to it in terms of atmosphere. As a solo traveler I enjoyed this place immensely, mainly thanks to the warm hospitality of Dan who went above and beyond to make sure I had an excellent time. If you want to go to the overcrowded areas of meteora this may not be the place for you, but it was great for the jaw-dropping hike up to Agia Triada that I learned about through Dan. Extremely clean, good breakfast ($) and great easy to find location!

Students & Travellers Inn

Athens, Greece

Excellent Hostel! They helped me with my numerous athens problems (particularly when I had just been pickpocketed), and I ended up turning my initial 2 nights into a total of 5 nights. Amazing front desk, very good and clean facilities. Obviously the 4 bed dorm was better, but the 8 bed was very nice to meet people. Excellent atmosphere, bigger hostel than I am used to but the courtyard is an easy way to meet people. Overall, staying here wasa great decision and I wwould recommend it!

Istanbul Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Prime location the Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque, at the heart of Sultanahmet. The front office was not just rude but absolutely indefferent. No eye contact or conversation unless it involved them making some sort of money. They were recommending 35 euro boat tours when a just as good one cost 10 TL. Facilities were clean and well maintained, and free breakfast was a nice touch. Terrace was great, do not eat at the restaurant the food quality is marginal at best. Met many cool people despite all.

Freedom Hostel

Cairo, Egypt

Awesome Hostel! Great location about 10 minutes walking from Tahrir and Egyptian Museum! Hostel blew me away with cleanliness and professionalism! Staff was super helpful, particularly Hussein who helped me make the most of my 2 days in Cairo. They helped set up a Saqqara/Memphis/Giza tour for 250 EGP (with our guide & driver Samar who was great as well!) The A/C was messed up once but promptly fixed! Excellent WiFi, great facilities, and an great common room to meet the other great guests!


Home. That's what Maria and Sayed make it feel like. They were incredibly helpful. I was a solo traveler and actually extended my stay from 2 to 3 nights because I loved the hostel and people I met there so much. Even the staff was extremely hospitable. They set me up with an awesome tour of West Bank for 60 EGP (with an awesome tour guide), a Hot Air Balloon Ride for 300 EGP, and were just really professional. If you come to Luxor and planning to stay anywhere else...don't. I'll be back guys!

Stayokay Rotterdam Cube Hostel

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Very very clean. Amazing location next to Rotterdam Blaak that made it REALLY convenient to get to both The Hague and around Rotterdam. Breakfast was pretty darn good! The atmosphere is much closer to a hotel than a hostel, like its next to impossible to meet people. Wi-Fi didn't reach the room, which was a pain. Luckily a gorgeous and spacious lobby. Some staff were very helpful, others felt a tad stand offish. Overall, would stay again though.

Flying Pig Beach Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Wasn't very crowded because we arrived on a Monday, staying for one night. It was a nice place a short 5 minute walk from the beach. This is NOT Amsterdam, know that (we did but some people don't. Its almost 40-45 minutes and 10 euros away from Amsterdam). On the bright side it was very affordable, close to the beach, clean, good facilities, and a very nice staff. Met a great relaxed crowd. All in all it was a perfect place for a first night stay in Holland when I was jet-lagged and exhausted.