Reviews: scjsan

Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 27

Phan Lan 2

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Location was good. In the middle of a nice district for restaurants and the like. The owner was really friendly and helpful. He emailed me when I was late and offered to pick me up. Then he arranged an airport taxi with 20 minutes warning. Great guy. Room was similar to other places in Vietnam. But the shower worked well, the bed was decent. A good experience.

Lam Bao Long Hotel

Hue, Vietnam

A simple place like any other. It was clean and I had no problems.

Pans Place Guesthouse

Vang Vieng, Laos

This is Laos. It will not be like in the city. The private room was fine. I did get some bug bites, probably from the bed. But again, this is practically the jungle. The owner, I think a Kiwi, was nice and accommodating and helpful. I didn't try but they also serve food and drinks.

Owner Comment (Hide)
Scott If you got bugs from our beds you should have advised us , so that we could deal with the problem. I note from our register you stayed one night , so you could have got them from your perviouse accomadation. As for your comment "this is not the city but practicly the jungle" shows you have no idea what a jungle looks like. My advise is stay home ,as travelling around the thired wolld is not for you.

Deejai Backpacker

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Everything felt comfortable. Lots of other travelers to talk to or you can get some peace in the garden in a hammock. The rooms were nothing to brag about, but you shouldn't be in the room anyway. Decent place for the cost.

Silom Art Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

It was OK. Staff were nothing special. I met one good Feenchman there, other than that it was pretty dull. AC was nice and the bed was pretty good.

Casa Noda

Nagasaki, Japan

At this hostel, the lead caretaker Shinji, was probably the best hostel keep that I have ever had in over 20 countries. He was a wonderful host. He gave great suggestions, he was very accommodating, helpful. The hostel is worth it for Shinji alone. Not to mention the location is pretty good. Then there are two girls who work there, they were both lovely.... This place is worth it.