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Hostel One Paralelo

Barcelona, Spain

I liked it. The dinner is absolutely delicious each day, and only 2 euro! The breakfast is also awesome, and only 2.50, and served until 12pm usually. The staff is nice, especially Carla was super helpful. They all take you out wherever you want to go each night which was great. Easy to meet others in the common room. Only suggestions are comfier chairs in common room, faster wifi in rooms, hand towels/paper towels in bathroom, and darker curtains for the morning light. Would stay again!

Dreaming Rome Hostel

Rome, Italy

I wouldn't stay here again. Tiny lockers, creaky wobbly bunk beds, no water pressure, no soap in one bathroom, only 2 bathrooms, no mirrors in rooms so bathrooms hogged by ppl just putting on makeup, breakfast was stale. Dominico knew nothing about the sites or nightlife, the other brother seemed nicer but was barely ever there, oh & often no one would be there at all for hours. & they charge 2 euros just to cook in the kitchen! With your own food. I've never heard of that in my life.

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Our Locker are normal size 80x30cm, all beds are new, we got good water presure, we got many mirror, our breakfast(just read other review) is: eggs, yogurth,milk, 4kind of cereals, milk, break, cakes,the, biscuits,butter. we are 24h in the Hostel and we know many staff about rome, when u arrive u have a free map whit 5 minuts explication about the town. about 2 euro sorry fot he city tax is in all rome.

Hostel Ruthensteiner Vienna

Vienna, Austria

Only here 2 days but I liked it. Very clean, stayed in the single bed room and it was very nice and good price, bigger hostel, a bit impersonal but not impossible to meet other travellers. Staff is okay for info, but maybe could know more than just the typical tourist sights. Breakfast is definitely overpriced but that was my only major issue. Wasn't here long enough to get a great feel for the place, but I enjoyed my short time here. I think it'd be alright for most travellers.

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Thanks so much for your review! I do hope you can come back someday and spend a bit more time with us. After enjoying an improv jam session in the common room (guests love to play our piano, ukulele, guitar, bongo drums, etc.), and/or spending an an evening making new friends in our cozy bar, you might not think of our hostel as ''impersonal'' any more! All the best, and happy travelling!

Budapest Bubble

Budapest, Hungary

You'd be a fool not to stay here. In my top 3 favourite hostels ever. Olga is awesome and takes you out every night wherever you want to go- no cheesy expensive pub crawls. Jean will list every place with cheap delicious food within walking distance (and he is never wrong, every hostel needs a Jean). Clean, secure. Small so you make friends with everyone there, near metro & walking distance to everything. My one teeny tiny suggestion is a microwave, but this hostel is perfect!! I'll stay again!

Hostel One Home

Prague, Czech Republic

Really great hostel. The free dinners are awesome food, great way to meet other travellers, although the hostel makes it easy to meet other travellers any other time too. The activities were alright, some touristy stuff some not touristy stuff. Staff was nice and hung out with you on the activities. Clean, safe. Location is close to main train station, a bit of a walk to sites but still very walkable for sure. One of the best hostels in Europe, I'd definitely stay again.

Jetpak Alternative

Berlin, Germany

If you don't stay here, you will not experience Berlin. Right in Kreuzberg, the area you must stay in if you like nightlife and character. Easy to take the train to the sites. Hostel's small so you make friends with everyone and all go out together. The staff often come or at least point you towards the best bars locals go to, the mainstream or alternative sites, whatever you're in the mood for. Super clean and new. Free breakfast, check out 11am. I WILL be coming back!

Durty Nellys Inn

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I liked it. Free breakfast til 11am, check out 11am, cheap food at bar downstairs, friendly helpful staff, very clean and nice rooms, good wifi, walking distance to everything. A bit hot in the room at night and the pub crawl they recommend is not that good. Not amazing for meeting people, but not too bad either. Wasn't the best hostel I've stayed at but I would definitely stay here again next time I'm in Amsterdam, as I thought it was pretty good overall, the cons were minor and few.

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Thanks young lady

High Street Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

Good: Lovely old building, very clean, friendly staff, right next to every tourist attraction, not too far from the non tourist places worth visiting. Bad: Staff were new to the city, so only knew the tourist spots, no local lesser known things. Separate company putting on activities so staff didn't know many details. The guests were all half Aussie & half South American, so they just kept to their 2 groups & it was hard to meet anyone. But maybe just bad timing. I'd still recommend though.

Glasgow Youth Hostel

Glasgow, Scotland

I liked it. Beautiful building, cool people staying there, nice views, walking distance to food/ nightlife/ sites. For staff the 2 girls were awesome, the guys could be more cheery, but were all still nice & helpful. There were no activities at all, but that's not entirely the hostel's fault as pub crawls are illegal in Glasgow. But the staff give you really good tips on where to go & others from the hostel are always down to go out & enjoy Glasgow's awesome nightlife. I'd stay again for sure!

YHA London Oxford Street

London, England

Mixed feelings. Good: very clean, outlets & shelf on each bed, quiet, many showers & toilets. Bad: no character/ atmosphere. No fun, interesting, or sociable people, everyone was quiet & kept to themselves. The staff were helpful but they all seemed to hate their life. Maybe that's just Londoners. There were fun activities discounted by the hostel, but not actually put on by them, so the staff weren't knowledgeable on details & wasn't great to meet fellow hostel mates. Good for group- not solo.

Halifax Backpackers

Halifax, Canada

One of the best hostels I've ever stayed at. Smaller place so you get to know everyone there very easily, awesome people. Staff is great. Within walking distance to everything. LOVE that they have a cafe there (great food and cheap too!). The bar wasn't that great and they don't have any planned activities, but because you make friends so easy here, we all would just go out together so it wasn't an issue, you were never bored. I was a single female traveler and it was fine. Strongly recommend!

HI NYC Hostel

New York, USA

Very clean, nice decor, location is a little far from the action. Staff weren't rude but could be friendlier. A good amount of activities. Main issue was that it's really big and a bit impersonal. There's so many common areas and they aren't laid out in a way that's easy to meet others. Also, 8-12 people a room is too many, especially for the price. 4-6 is ideal. In general though, I liked the hostel and would likely stay there again. I just hope they improve the common areas.


It was easy to meet other travellers, the decor was really nice, it was clean and in a safe neighbourhood, close to shopping on Melrose, the activities were good too. I didn't like that the female dorm had only one door for two rooms, so instead of 5 other people waking up early and making noise, there was 6 more from the other room always walking through. Also, luckily I noticed beforehand that the curtains were see-thru but others may not know and change there. Good hostel otherwise tho.

Hostel Cat

Las Vegas, USA

Really loved this place, this hostel probably had the best atmosphere for meeting people I've encountered. The activities every night were really great too. Very clean.The owner was super nice, but although the staff were helpful, they weren't very enthusiastic either. The only 'con' is the location is far, but it's also close to a few bus routes so still easy to get places. I would DEFINITELY (and have already) recommend this place, and will definitely be staying here next time I come to Vegas!

USA Hostels Hollywood

Los Angeles, USA

This hostel was alright, it was really close to everything in Hollywood. Easy to meet other travelers. Clean. There were lots of fun activities, but most cost money. A few more free/cheaper ones would be good. My main issue was that I was given the worst room possible. It was right across from the kitchen, which means you're not sleeping past 8am. And the hostel was pretty empty yet they packed that room full, I have no idea why they couldn't spread us out more. Otherwise good though.

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We regret that you didn't like your room. We would have been happy to move you if requested and if you stay with us again, please don't hesitate to ask if the room does not suit.


Great hostel, definitely my favourite I've stayed at. The staff are friendly, helpful, and interesting and cool people. The place is clean, and well kept up. Has everything you need, and is within walking distance to almost everything you'd want to do in Seattle, and close to transit for anything further. Good atmosphere, really easy to meet other travelers. Fun activities, many of which were free which was nice. You won't be disappointed.

USA Hostels San Francisco

San Francisco, USA

Loved how many activities there were to do, which is great if you're traveling alone. It really makes it easy to meet other people. Place was really clean. Friendly staff, good facilities. Location was probably the only iffy part- It was right across the street from a grocery store and surrounded by several places to go to eat, which was awesome. And during the day the neighbourhood is fine. But once evening hits, it gets pretty sketchy, and I would definitely not walk alone there past 10pm.