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Location: China, Gender: Male, Age: 30

No locker. My room was at the 6th floor - no elevator but only narrow, spiral stair. A small kitchen, very poor wifi. Good location for tour of Montmartre.

YMCA Hostel Basel

Basel, Switzerland

All aspects are good! Good kitchen! large dining room. The bed is my favourite - good design for keep a bit of privacy and a light every bed - very firm, not shaking.

Gästehaus Jacoby

Freiburg, Germany

No lockers. One needs to take a tram for 20min to get in. But the kitchen facilities are very advanced!

Hostel Nanina

Munich, Germany

Quite expensive (during the Oktoberfest). There is a kitchen and wifi can only be available in the kitchen, so everybody is gonna stay in the kitchen which promotes a friendly and easy-to-chat atmosphere. It is already out of Munich, though there is S-bahn connecting - still quite far away.

Sleep Easy Hostel

Verona, Italy

There are no kitchen but has a small yard. The city is nice and lovely though!

A Venice Fish

Venice, Italy

Good location and staff. BUT, very bad double-deck beds - shaking and noisy, and there are no fence by the upper deck of a bed. And, the upper deck is slope -- such an distressing but interesting experience!

Thousand Sunny

Rome, Italy

The most impressive aspect is the family-like atmoshpere - a family enterprise with a sincere, lovely staff. The location is not in the downtown but at the balcony you can bird-eye view the city drawn in the dawn and twilight.!

The Queen's

Florence, Italy

Located just near the Duomo. No lockers. The staff have limited English. Washroom and toilets are short for demand (not separate).

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We have a safe room. But for your luggage you could have a lockers . Thera are two bathroom in a dorm en

Hostel Baccarat

Nice, France

So and so. quiet crowded for my room. Quite expensive (but Nice city as a whole is high consumptive).

Vertigo Centre

Marseille, France

Basically good, with a yard and the kithchen/dining room are quite big. But NO lockers.

The River Hostel

Valencia, Spain

Good basically. very close to the old town centre.

INOUT Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

The location could be good - located in a scenic area, which means quiet and fresh air, and only 20min's train to the centre of city. The facilities are good, big bathrooms, as well as the breadfast!