Reviews: Anonymous

Hans Brinker Budget Hotel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

It was OK I guess. Nothing to write home about. The location was good because it is close to the museums and to Vondelpark. Staff were OK. Wifi connectivity was awful. I probably would not stay there again.

Charlie Rockets

Bruges, Belgium

Charlie Rockets is a sketchy hostel. The location is great and the price is right, but make no mistake: it's a dive. Despite this, the staff were helpful and friendly and did I mention that the location was excellent?

Luxembourg City Hostel

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Excellent hostel overall. The price was right and the facilities were nice. They have a decent breakfast and a really nice and comfortable lounge area. The staff were not very friendly or helpful though. Epic fail on the customer service.


Strasbourg, France

The room was nice and the facilities were OK. The atmosphere wasn't great. I would stay there again just because the price is right and it provided a good night's sleep and a decent breakfast.

Hotel de Bretagne

Lyon, France

A nice, cheap hotel. Breakfast was good for the price. It is situated in a nice part of Lyon and anything you need (e.g. bank, metro, laundromat, etc) is within walking distance. The staff were really helpful when it came to helping with directions and they were very courteous. A bit pricey if you're used to staying in cheap hostels, but decent nonetheless. I would stay there again.


The staff were friendly and helpful. However, they are Parisian, so expect a certain degree of condescension. The hostel itself is excellent. The location is top-notch. It's in the middle of Montmartre, which I think is one of the nicest neighborhouds in Paris. Anything you need (i.e. bank, corner store, metro) is within walking distance. The atmosphere was friendly and welcoming overall and the breakfast was worth the money. I would definitely stay there again.