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Wombats City Hostel Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

Not so much things to tell about Wombats... it is just the best hostel group I stayed in my life... I already have been on Wombats in Viena and all was perfect... Wombats Budapest is best than Wombats Viena, it have internet on rooms (at least on 1st floor), good breakfest... amazing staff... Wombats will be always a good choice...

Jaeger's Munich

Munich, Germany

This hostel is good but I really espected more (because the price was not so cheap)... My locker in room had a problem, onyone could open it even with my padlock... The good things was the bar... the good staff and the very good location

Hostel Katowice Centrum

Katowice, Poland

Well... this hostel is not like the big hostels that you can found in europe big cities, katowice is not a turistic city so I think is imposible compare this hostel with others in big and turistic cities... considering that... the hostel is very good, it have a good localization (near katowice train station), the room is big but the bed not so good

Living Lounge Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

The hostel is almost perfect, the only problem was that the room only have one power plug (one for all guests)... but the room was very clean, the breakfest was excelent ans the staff very helpful

Yes! Porto Hostel

Porto, Portugal

This hostel is perfect... It have a good localization, very helpful staff, a good breakfast and the price is really good... all the things in the hostel are new and clean... amazing... high recommended... The room have a good locker (it have space to put more than 1 large bag) and a very nice bed... and the bathroom was perfect, clean and with a good shower

Youth Hostel Van Gogh (Chab)

Brussels, Belgium

CHAB is a good hostel the rooms are very good, new and clean. The breakfast is nice. The location is not the better, but not a big problem, you can go walking to the major points of Brussels Centre, but is not a small distance. The only things I do not like was the showers (I think it is common in Belgium, because the showers of my hostel in Brugges was not good too), the temperature in Brussels was +/- 2ยบ C and the showers was very cold, and the room does not have lockers and WIFI

Charles Bridge Economic Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

This hostel is amazing... Very cool and helpful staff (I traveled for some countries, a lot of hostels have good staff, but this one is different, they are better than the others good staffs that I knew)... I only had problems in the toilet (clean, but it is old), it is not a big problem. The location is the best posible, but not so easy to found because the entrance is a small door and a corridor.


Wombats is a great choice for a stay in Wien, the building is new and very clean, have a great breakfast (3.80 EUR fee), nice staff and the room is very good, with a toilet inside and a good bed, the locker in the room is very big and I felt very safe in the hostel and in the city.

La Casa di Rosy

Rome, Italy

The B&B have a good location, near the Roma train station and walking distance to Colosseo, but have some problems, 2 singles beds for the room is very bad, we found a problem with the shower and basically dont have "staff" (have a people in the breakfast and another to receive the guests but not a reception), the security was good, you receive the key to the bulding and the room, isnt easy found the place, because is located inside a bulding without plates or signs


Before going to London I talked with some friends and everyone told me that is very hard found a "medium" hostel in london, all the hostels had a poor level. But I really liked The Steam Engine, have problems like a small space in the rooms (Have much beds) and only 2 toilets for all guests (it is very bad, In the morning sometimes you need to waiting a lot of time to take a bath). But have a lot of good thinks, the security (all doors with security code keys), the pub and good localization.

Qbic Amsterdam WTC

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Very very great hotel, really "professional", localized in the World Trade Center, not so close the city center or main tourist points but they are acessible easily with the public transportation... The room is very nice, with a good and different atmosfere, but the toilet without door can be a problem maybe.

Hotel Parc Even

Paris, France

Parc Even is a really good hotel, the location is not the better, but with the great subway/tube network, you can arrive from the hotel to champs elysee in 30 minutes in the maximum, is located in a small and nice village. The staff are very nice, and all the hotel is very very clean.

Cool & Chic Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

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