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Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 28

Hlemmur Square

Reykjavik, Iceland

This hostel was fairly clean and the staff was more than accommodating. They even helped me with arranging a shuttle to the airport and when my flight time was changed, they also helped me change the time of my shuttle. The wifi worked well in the rooms and I appreciated the electrical outlet and light next to every bed. This hostel had pretty much everything you could need.

Barnacles Temple Bar House

Dublin, Ireland

The internet only worked in the common room and even in the common room it was the slowest internet I've ever seen. The shower was more like a commercial power washer. It was painful to shower. And the lockers only accommodated the locks that you could buy from the hostel (not personal locks). My locker also wouldn't open when the person on the bottom bunk was sleeping. However, it was a great location. It was clean and the staff were very helpful and friendly.

Hatters Hostel- Liverpool

Liverpool, England

The internet didn't work in any of the rooms and even in the common rooms you had to reconnect to it every 15 minutes or so. The shower (even though it was hot) it didn't have much water pressure. There were also no lockers provided for people staying in dorms. Otherwise, it had a great location near the train station and the staff were very friendly.

Elton Bank Hotel

Manchester, England

Nice little hotel. My room even had a TV and facilities to make a cup of tea. It is a bit out there though, but its not difficult to get to from the center of town. And because of where it is its real quite.

Safestay York

York, England

Nice Hostel in an old building, but well kept. The wi-fi only worked in one room in the whole building. It didn't work in any of the bedrooms. There were also a lot of families with A LOT of kids. I guess this wasn't quite a youth hostel. Otherwise, this was a pretty nice hostel. No major complaints. I would probably recommend staying there.

St Christopher's at The Winston

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Location was good and the place was very clean. My only problem was that the internet didn't work in our room barely at all. The only place you could really get it was in the bar downstairs. And I don't know how much they would appreciate you sitting in the bar just to use the internet, especially at peak times, like at night or on the weekends. Otherwise, the staff were really pleasant and I would definitely recommend this hostel, especially if you are looking to party it up in Amsterdam.

Lybeer Travellers' Hostel

Bruges, Belgium

The toilet room on our floor was so small you were always touching the door or the toilet or both. The shower stayed hot on average about 2 minutes before becoming ice cold and there were only showers on the ground floor and the 4th floor. Otherwise, location was good and the internet worked well in our room.

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Say what?? We assume you have never traveled to the Third World? Be honest people: this comment is retarded. Everyone else thinks we're a great hostel (see rest of recent reviews), all rooms have been beautifully renovated, unlike all the other hostels in Bruges. Parts under construction (private rooms in the back of the building) are completely sealed off from guests. Perhaps this person should either book a hotel next time, or go to the Third World to see what it's really like!

Grand Hotel de Clermont

Paris, France

The outside doesn't do the inside justice. The outside looks like the front of a run down local bar with a hotel thrown in somewhere in the mix. But the room was fabulous. It was clean and new looking. And you couldn't beat the price in Paris where everything else is so expensive.

Hotel Yasha

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

This was a nice cheap hotel, but not in the best neighborhood. It is very convenient being near the train stations especially because we were taking an early train out, but there are many nightclubs on the street and there was a lot of noise until all hours of the night. However, it is really easy to walk to the center of town to see the sites. We also thought we were getting a shared bathroom and we ended up with an in-room bathroom, which was a bonus.

Pathpoint Cologne

Cologne, Germany

My biggest issue was the internet. It was advertised as having free wi-fi but it didn't work in the rooms. When we asked about it, we were given a lame excuse about how it is disturbing in the dorms. Also, to use it was kind of complicated and you had to get a new login every 10 hours. I also didn't like that we had to put on our own bed linens. Some of the staff were helpful and some seemed like we were bothering them. Overall, just a so-so hostel.

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Thank you very much for your comment. We are sorry that you weren't happy with our WIFI. We have 161 beds here and if there are a lot of people staying with us the WIFI sometimes doesn't work in the room. We are currently working on it to improve the WIFI service. However, the WIFI does work in all public areas.

Sara B&B

Copenhagen, Denmark

What a gem! This place was perfect! It had a refrigerator, a TV and facilities for making coffee and tea all in the room. We even got many channels in English on the TV. It is a bit unusual. It is a room in this woman's flat that she rents out. There is only one room to rent. But despite how strange it may seem, it was great! The woman and her daughters are very nice and it is located conveniently behind the train station right on a pretty little square. I would definitely recommend it!

Castanea Old Town Hostel

Stockholm, Sweden

The location was good and the room was nice. We were on the ground floor and it was really quite. It is really nice being able to stay right in the center of the old city. My only two complaints is that the wi-fi didn't work very well in our room, so we had to sit outside the room to use it. But there were tables to sit at. And the kitchen was on he 2nd floor. So I had to go all the way up to the second floor to do something simple like fill my water bottle. Otherwise, we had a nice stay.

Moon Hostel - Warsaw

Warsaw, Poland

Excellent hostel! No real complaints.

Pink Panther's Hostel

Krakow, Poland

My list of complaints: 1.) The bathroom smelled of raw sewage. The staff didn't care. 2.) The internet didn't always work on the second floor when I was told it should. The staff didn't care. 3.) The ceiling leaked in our room when it rained. The staff cared but not enough to get it fixed. 4.) The shower head in the bathroom didn't stay up very well. You either had to balance it or hold it. 5.) The wooden floor was uneven and we were constantly hearing everyone who went past our room.

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Pink Panther's advice: Get a life and picture the pony. We are very sorry about the weather but perhaps if you took part in one of the events which were going on during your stay with such as Royal Tram Party, Royal Pub Crawl and Pink Panther's 2nd Birthday Party, you would be a happier person. We can only hope the muffins weren't too big and champaigne too sparkling.

Prague Square Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

Nice location right near the main square. But my biggest complaint about this place was it was like staying in a freshman dorm. There were loud college kids drunk every night making noise in the hallway at all hours of the night. And the staff just didn't seem to care. Nobody stopped them. They really needed the private rooms on a separate floor away from the dorms in order to better cater to those customers. I was also unable to get the internet on my phone no matter where I was.


The accommodation were nice enough, but I constantly felt like I was being deceived otherwise. First of all, the wifi only worked in the lobby. Second, we bought the Vienna Card (a city wide discount card) from the hostel and they gave us a discount book that was outdated. We didn't even know it until we tried to redeem a discount that no longer existed. They also offered an 8 Euro breakfast that didn't even look as good as some of the free breakfasts I got at other places.


This place was pretty good. One thing I would say is that we were supposed to have an ensuite room and even though we had our own bathroom, it was down the hall. So we had to leave our room to get to our bathroom. Otherwise, the location was great and the place was clean. I would probably recommend this place.

Taban Hostel Zagreb Centre

Zagreb, Croatia

It was a nice little hostel. It is in the same building as a bar, so if you are interested in drinking it would be great. But don't worry there wasn't any loud noise or commotion from the bar. The only problem was that we were placed on the 4th floor (top floor) with no elevator and I don't think barely anyone was staying on the lower floors. I don't know why we had to be at such a climb. Otherwise, it was clean and the staff was friendly.

Hostel of the Sun

Naples, Italy

It was clean and the location was good. The staff couldn't have been more helpful. They were always bending over backwards to try and assist you. Breakfast was pretty good, but the time frame only went for an hour and a half.

B&B Casanova

Verona, Italy

This was a cute little B&B. I think there were only 3 rooms and 1 bathroom. The owner/manager doesn't speak the best English, but he knew enough to get by and he was really nice and tried to be helpful. The room and bathroom were really clean and I even had a TV in my room. I would definitely recommend this place. I wish I could've stayed longer.

AWA Innbrucke Hotel

Innsbruck, Austria

This was a really cute little guest house. My only issue was that the wi-fi didn't work in my room, so I had to go out into the hallway to use it. Not too disturbing but a little annoying. The staff at this place were very helpful and the bathroom and the room were very clean. I also really appreciated that there was sink in my room. My room was with a shared bathroom, but I had my own sink, which made it very convenient to brush my teeth. The location was also good just across the bridge.

JUFA Salzburg City

Salzburg, Austria

This was more of a breeding ground for school groups than an actual hostel. I was put in a dorm room in the basement where there were only 2 outlets in the entire room despite the fact that 12 people were staying there. So I would go upstairs and sit in the lobby to charge things and use the internet, but this was not only annoying in and of itself, but all the school children were always running around making noise. The bathroom also smelled disgusting. It made me not want to take a shower.

The 4You Hostel Munich

Munich, Germany

Great hostel with a great location! My only problem was that the wifi didn't work in the rooms and even in the lobby it didn't always work the greatest. Otherwise the staff was very helpful and the place was pretty clean. The breakfast was also pretty amazing.

Twins Minbak Hostel

Lucerne, Switzerland

It was okay, but not outstanding. It is in a residential neighborhood (which is good cause its quite), but it is pretty far from the main tourist sites in town. The staff was good, but the guy at the desk never seemed to be there when you needed him. I actually saw another guest sit and wait for an hour to check-in because no one was there to check him in (this was at about 5:30 PM...not an unreasonable time to check in). You also had to put your bedding on the bed yourself. Kind of weird.

Hotel Iris Lyon

Lyon, France

Not the best but not the worst. Four main issues...the internet didn't work in the room, the reception (where the internet works) was not always open (even during the day), our shower's hot water was broken, and our room smelled musty. The security was mediocre because the code for the door was right next to the door. Overall, I might not recommend it. The location was the only bonus.

St Christopher's Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

We only stayed one night but it was clean and nice. I loved that each bed had a privacy curtain so you could sleep without getting woken up from the light being on. I would definitely stay there again

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Thank you so much for your awesome rating!!! The curtains around the bunk-beds make it easier to catch your beauty-sleep, no?! ;). We hope to see you again one day!!!

Lisbon Destination Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

This was, hands down, the best hostel I've ever stayed at! It is in what used to be the king's quarters of the train station, where he would stay when he came to Lisbon from Sintra. The hostel offered an amazing dinner at night for 8 Euros with all you can drink wine. The only downside was the second night we were there we tried the dinner a second time and this time it was at one of their sister hostels, Alfama, and it was not nearly as good and the staff there weren't as accommodating.

Guest House São Filipe

Faro, Portugal

It was a nice little place, but it wasn't quite a hostel. It was more of a hotel.

Traveler's Inn Seville

Seville, Spain

Very nice hostel in a very nice old building. Staff was very friendly and helpful.

Nest Style Granada

Granada, Spain

Very modern. It said shared bathroom but I had a bathroom in my room. It was also in the center of town. I would definitely recommend it.

Dar Jameel

Tangier, Morocco

The building was beautiful! I felt like my room belonged in a museum. I also had a bathroom all to myself because no one else was staying on my floor. The staff were friendly and very accommodating. And the place couldn't have been cleaner.

Hotel Central

Casablanca, Morocco

It was great! I had a room with its own private bathroom and a view all the way out to the water. There was even a TV in the room.