Reviews: Anonymous


This place is awesome. I've stayed here on several occasions and the staff is super friendly and welcoming. Taylor caught me having a meltdown and was just the sweetest helping me calm down and getting me a great room. They work really hard to make this a great hostel and it shows. It's super safe, there's a mutual respect among the travellers. In the LA area, there is no question that this is the best place to stay.


One of the best hostels I've ever stayed at. The people were amazing, lounge areas huge and nice, but showers were either hot or cold, and no A/C on the 4th floor was iiiinteresting. But I would def. come back again if for anything THE LOCATION!

Caledonian Backpackers

Edinburgh, Scotland

Loved this place. Conveniently located right off Princes St. this place ruled. The atmosphere was amazing, had such a great time, met fantastic people, just absolutely loved it. The facilities all worked just fine, and laundry was cheap. Only downside was the lack of outlets in the room to charge electronics, however there were plenty in the bar/common room. Would definitely stay again as it was a good value and good time.


They're in the process of making a huge renovation to the patio area, and in the last year since my stay I've noticed a lot of new little touches here and there--signs making it more easy to see where facilities are located and the like. I had a great time, met awesome people, and got a good night's sleep. Due to the renovation the breakfast seating is slim, even though the bar area and half the patio are open. Regardless close to the tube, great atmosphere, will come back again for sure!

Flying Pig Uptown

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This hostel is seriously excellent. Next to Vondelpark, and very near grocery stores, this place has everything a fantastic kitchen, a kick ass smoking room, comfy beds, big under bed locker storage, clean bathrooms, AND THE BEST FREE BREAKFAST EVER. Apples! Eggs! Chocolate cereal! Fresh bread! Nutella! I couldn't believe it. The staff is so friendly and awesome and helpful, and the hostel feels like a big house more than anything. I had such a great time here and would definitely come back!!!


London, England

This is one cool ass hostel. You have to walk a ways to get to the tube, but there are great places to eat and drink real close. Major downside, you have to pay to use the computers (REALLY cool computer room though), and you have to pay to use wifi which only works downstairs. However, the staff was super accommodating, and very helpful and the other hostel guests were a riot. I had a great time here.


I loved this hostel. To check in you have to go through Belushi's bar. I walked around aimlessly looking for St. Christopher's, but trust me check in at the bar and they'll hook you up. They have wifi everywhere. And Belushi's rules--great food and awesome drink deals for hostel guests. It's close to absolutely everything. The beds were super comfy and had hilarious pink sheets. Nice warm showers, and great free breakfast! The staff was like the most friendly ever. I would definitely come back!


Cardiff, Wales

Why does this place get so many good reviews? It's hipster central and everyone's obsessed with themselves and super rude--staff and guests alike. The rooms are insanely tiny and the lights go out in the shower if you're in there longer than 5 minutes. Laundry service was horrible, the staff kept "forgetting to do it." The downstairs is pretty kitschy and cool, but full of rude hipsters and open to the public--welcome loud creeps! I left early, I'd rather throw money out than stay longer.

High Street Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

Wifi only worked in the stairwell and downstairs in the small common room. It's a super small chill out area, good luck finding somewhere to sit, and there's only one computer to use. The beds were pretty much the most uncomfortable, ever. However, this place had some of the most super friendly and helpful staff ever! Seriously, the best staff. And having large lockers in the rooms was fantastic. Great charm and staff compensate for the downfalls!

Castle Rock Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

This hostel was so neat, loads of character and charm. Cool rooms and comfy beds. Outlets right at your bed was a definite plus, plus I felt the location was close to everything. They said wifi was only downstairs, not in the rooms, but I was able to use it in bed just fine. Bring your own computer because they charge you to use theirs, but I loved the common room, very Harry Potter. This place was way cool!


Loved how close this hostel was to the tube, super hot and clean showers, great charm, free internet and free use of computers. Access to rooms is granted at 2PM, but you may arrive early and securely store your luggage in a shed outside. Yeah it's a shed, but it works! Curtains around your bed made it seem like you were sleeping at Hogwarts, definite plus, I've yet to see another hostel with the same. I loved this place and can't wait to come back! Super cool patio too!