Reviews: ChicagoRick

Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 59

The Place in Rome

Rome, Italy

It was pretty hot in Rome. Great to have a nice air conditioned room to return to for breaks in the day. There four nights and generally the WiFi worked well. A few times it was difficult to connect, perhaps competition with other guests using it. I was persistent and eventually connected.

Hotel Accademia

Florence, Italy

Excellent location. Great facilities! Everything went well.

Astoria Hotel

Bologna, Italy

All good... except I had the room until noon... left my laptop plugged in to get charged and went out at 8 to visit Santo Stefano & to climb the Tower of Bologna... returned at 9:30 to find the air conditioning had been turned off! The lights to the room worked, but the electricity outlet that my laptop was plugged into no longer worked... so my laptop did not charge and I could therefore not use it on the train ride to my next city. Thanks a lot for saving electricity at MY EXPENSE!

Youthhostel St. Moritz

St. Moritz, Switzerland

Great location. Friendly and helpful receptionists.

Hotel Monopole

Milan, Italy

I had a very pleasant stay there and will return if I pass through Milano again.

Ostello Burigozzo 11

Milan, Italy

Identified as a hostel with AC in their 'Facilities' listing (and in my use of the HostelWorld search) be advised that AC is NOT in most rooms. After paying and discovering there was no AC in the room I was assigned, the claim was made that it IS in girl's dorms and in pricier private rooms. I definitely cannot verify that, but THAT should be stated UP FRONT! Also listed is CEILING FANS... absolutely none of those that I observed anywhere. It might be a great place to stay during cooler months.

Target Hostel

Zakopane, Poland

Excellent location. Great receptionists.

Guest Rooms Kosmopolita

Krakow, Poland

The receptionists were great! Very helpful!

Greg & Tom Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Out of the eight hostels that I have stayed at so far on my trip, this one is the best. Besides the regular basics, the staff always made sure that you knew what amenities were available in the hostel and how to get around the city. Amenities included shared refrigerator, free internet access any time, and free laundry. Sweet!