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Not much to say.... i love the ffree Mc feed card they give you to use on the mc donalds downstairs (as much as yo want). for 5 bucks with the card u get: big mac, small fries and small soft drink, sundae. hostel isalright.

The Pickled Frog

Hobart, Australia

Nice hostel. It used to be a pub so the common are is awesome and huge (maybe even too much). The staff really helps you out and the free tours make you save money (they run 2 days a week).

The Palms Backpackers

Sydney, Australia

Not a hostel for fancy stupid people. Anyone can get inside easily without beeing noticed, lockers in the rooms are broken, not the cleanest place I've been... However, it should not change because it is a really unique hostel and I really enjoined it. The staff are all travellers staying a couple of months in Sydney, which gives you more freedom than usual. Everybody is easygoing and nice. Good kitchen with nice stoves and fridges. Nice talking at nights. Dont be afraid with the stupid reviews.

Ivanhoe Hostel

Rome, Italy

Great hostel!!!! It is like a big aparment with this big corridor, so every other room (around 40 beds total) leads to it. At nights the staff turn on some neon lights, put tables and chairs in the middle of the corridor with good music and cook pasta for everyone (free) or make punchs (big bowl with spirits) and the vibe goes until midnight, when they ask you to go to bed or go out so others can sleep. It is extremely easy to socialize and meet pretty much everyone. Cheers from Brazil!!!

Mosquito Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Amazing! The hostel really tries to get people together by organizing events (dinner/games/drinking) and taking everybody to go out every day, including staff members (leaving the hostel in peace with no noise after 23h). The staff are all locals and knows everything about the city to help you out, and they are amazing!! Spend at least 3 days there: auschwitz, salt mines, lake (10 m cliff to jump), walking/bike tour, castle and of course night life!! Thanks everyone! SaudaƧoes brasileiras!!

Hostel Santini Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

A very fancy hostel, not my kind. Hard to meet people since the bar is always empty and the hostel makes no events inside. The breakfast is not that much, but enough. I dont know if we can use the kitchen, didnt have to use it. It is close to the castle and charles bridge, but if you like to hang out on squares with street artists, go out at night and everything, the relatively long distance (comparing to other hostels) to the center gets you kinda tired and lazy to go out and back many times.

Hostel Elena

Zadar, Croatia

Located in the middle of the old town, 5 min walk to everything! Be sure to check the timetable of buses to the airport hehe. Boat trip sucks. Plivitce lakes is amazing!!!! Gerico really helps you out, ask anything u need (print, information, computer, etc)


A good hostel. Breakfast is good, wifi free, everything is clean. Although it is one block away from a Metro Station, it is kinda far from Center (30 min by Metro). Close to sacre Cour. 5 floors and no Elevator, you have to be lucky and get a room on lower levels...

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Maybe next time that ypu stay with us you won't have to climb teh staits because we will get an elevator. Hope to have you back soon.

Friend's Hostel

Paris, France

This hostel was amazing!! Despite of all the bad Reviews, if you like to travel cheap and meet cool People thats the place! They have a nice backyard full of tables and chairs for People to eat, drink, talk and hangout. You can bring your own alcohol and anything you want. It is right in front a metro line,10 min walk from sacre Cour, 5 min walk from mulan rounge, night Clubs (there is one for free 2 blocks after mulan rounge). However, common Areas are kinda dirty (not the rooms), security poor

Flying Pig Downtown

Amsterdam, Netherlands

A nice hostel. The 32 beds room is large and they have big baskets underneath the bed to lock your things. They have a Smoking room and everybody gets high there all day Long. Breakfast was not as good as I thought it would be because of the price, but is definitely better than the average. I would stay in a cheaper hostel next time.

Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark

Amsterdam, Netherlands

It depends on the Kind of traveller you are, but thats definetely too expensive in my opinion. Breakfast excellent, eat all you can get. The bar does not get crowded at all, even on happy hours. The hostel is big and does not has the atmosphere of a hostel...

Hootananny Hostel

London, England

Cool bar on groundfloor, hostel is above. The noise was not loud, actually i couldnt even notice it. Great value for money. The only negative point for me was that there are many people living there (almost everybody) so its not the holidays vibe im looking for.

Sunset Backpackers

Florianopolis, Brazil

Very good hostel, would highly recommend and come back. Although i didn't mind at all, the 14 beds dorm was open all the time, the guests didn't have a key. The kitchen was not the most organized and cleanest i've seen and some of the facilities were broken (electric oven). Do not recommend for someone who has trouble to go upstairs, the hostel is built on a (very buautifull) hill. Advantages: AMAZING LOCATION and VIEW, VERY GOOD PUB/RESTAURANT, GUIDED TOURS,BEACH STUFF TO BORROW,FAIR PRICE.

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Hy Bernardo, thanks for your comment! WE have some good news for you so.. The hostel is closed untill thursday 25/10/2012, which we will improve all those things you have said( keys in all dorms, new equipments for guests kitchen, and also new layout for soem rooms, new space dorms, new reception, new bar area, and much more! WE hope you come back soon to check it out! Cheers Sunset Team

Beats Hostel Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo, Brazil

I canceled my booking, so I cant review it and put average for everything (the website should disable the review after canceling)