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Astor Queensway

London, England

Like the other Astor's I've stayed in, the hostel is partly tourists and travelers and partly staff and long-term residence. I didn't come for the communal atmosphere, but it's still annoying how the staff tend to make the place their own. The room is okay, but the bathroom really needs a fix. Mainly there is no ventilation in the way of windows, so it's pretty moldy. The Wifi is extremely temperamental as well. If you absolutely need to be connected, don't stay here.


Not in the best part of Paris, but with the metro it doesn't matter. It's actually nice to get away from the city for a while. The inside is actually pretty chic and is reminiscent of a trendy coffee shop. For the price, it's a deal. Free Wifi that works pretty well and kitchen accommodations (albeit small) are pluses.

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Hello there! Thank you for your really nice comments! The neighbourhood is changing smoothly, making it more vibrant and trendy every day! Come visit us again to see for yourself :) Hope to see you really soon! The Loft Team

Smart Place Gare du Nord

Paris, France

It's a decent hostel for the price, but the lounge is remarkably cramped and uncomfortable (get some better chairs and maybe a couch). They also say that they only have Wifi on the ground floor because they want to encourage a communal atmosphere. Yeah right. It would have been nice to check email instead of going down 6 flights of stairs. It's really close to the metro and about a 30 minute walk to the Louvre.

Lisbon Poets Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

One of the best hostels in Europe. The location, facilities, and staff made my trip to Lisbon unforgettable.

Gallery Hyde Park

London, England

The security is iffy. They have a door bell where someone buzzes you in, but it wouldn't be that hard for someone to just ring and walk in since reception is a floor above. Another hostel where there are a lot of long-term residents and staffers who make the place their own. On my last night there in the 6 person, I awoke to a 7th person sleeping on the floor which was disconcerting. The Wifi is also on an open network with no password, so be careful about getting hacked.

Astor Hyde Park

London, England

Astor Hyde Park is in an excellent location, which is why I've only stayed at it for so long. However, the WiFi is very temperamental and the staff can be quite annoying as they seem to do nothing but party and play really bad music really loudly at all hours. Overall the London Hostel scene is poor, so just plan to enjoy the amazing sights of the city and just use the hostel as a place to sleep.

GlobArt Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Great hostel with free WiFi and excellent location.

Agora Hostel and Guesthouse

Istanbul, Turkey

Overall a really nice hostel. It's in an excellent location and the staff are extremely warm and helpful. I'll jump on board and say that the only downside is that they close the terrace at midnight. However, there are plenty of bars and watering holes to go to should you want to carry on with people you meet. I would definitely return to Agora.