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Location: Hong Kong,

Paddy's Palace Belfast

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Good and clean shower room but the washroom was sometimes not so clean and no toilet paper there. Nice staff who always invited you to have party. It is better to have a locker for storing laptop or other luxurious things. And Label stickers should be provided for personal food storage, because some of my food got stolen and used when I stored them in the fringe even I wrote my name on them. Some rooms got water dropping when raining outside, they should be fixed as soon as possible.

Belford Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

Good security for the locker placed in room, but it can be placed near the bed offered. It may be more convenient when someone need to take their things back at night. Shower room can be a little bit cleaner with stronger water pressure. A little bit annoying with the weak Wi-Fi signals with slow speed which I got kicked out several times when using it even in the common room.

YHA Cambridge

Cambridge, England

It is pity that you cannot find another hostel in Cambridge, so you can only live in here or other hotel. The shower room was so dirty and small, your foot will get dirty again after your shower. And you won't be able to get any Wi-Fi here except you pay for it. And they provided locker for you but you need to pay 2 pounds for every time you opened the locker door, it is not makes sense that they earn money from each facilities.


Honestly, this is the first hostel which makes me give a negative feedback on its management. First of all, I got offered my room and my bed when I checked-in. I placed my belongings on my bed when I left the second day I stayed there. After I went back to my room and wanted to sleep, I found my bed got occupied by another person, she said the staff swapped my bed for her because someone was sleeping on her bed already. And no notice was given from the staff and compensation for this movement.


The staff are quite nice and friendly, they would guide you to those attractions and the ways to go. Only bad thing in this hostel was too hot in the room.

Everton Hostel

Liverpool, England

Good value for staying with good breakfast in the morning. Enough place for power charging and cooking. 10-15 minutes walk to the nearest supermarket but quite a long way to the attractions.

Abrahams Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

Cheap with fine breakfast. And Wi-Fi signal was quite good.

Hostel Blue Planet

Paris, France

The worst I have ever lived in. 1.No Wi-Fi 2.Only 1 Key for every room, you need to knock the door to go in. 3.Only 1 toilet in every floor and no sink there, you need to go back to your room to wash your hand. 4.Only 1 small and dirty shower room in every floor with weak water pressure 5.Extremely slow Internet bandwidth for paid computer, 30 minutes only can let you login and logout your facebook 6.No enough power plug for charging in room

Sunshine Hostel

Rome, Italy

Quite poor calculation of the reception service. No kitchen provided for backpackers is one of the cons. Fine Wi-Fi connection when you are in you room. Only one washroom for all boys in the hostel and too little shower room too

Diamond B&B

Rome, Italy

Quite nice staff there who were talkative would tell you where to go for eating out. Clean and enough washroom and shower room provided in a small flat. Kitchen was provided for use and also fringe was provided for food storage.