Reviews: Anonymous

Abigails Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

We enjoyed our stay here. The kitchen and common room were great and usually quite clean. The only comment on the kitchen is that the fridge needs some SERIOUS attention. The room itself was comfortable. Overall decent stay. :)

Istanbul Harmony Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

WOO HOO!! We loved this hostel! The atmosphere was great! The staff was amazing! They were so helpful and unbelievably accommodating. BBQs were delicious!! I would have to say the shower area needs to be cleaned a little bit better - they were kinda turning on the super gross side. We would definitely stay here again though!! loved that there were no bunk beds!

Big Fish Budapest Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

AWESOME hostel!! We were so happy we found this gem! It felt like you were walking into your friends house for a visit. It was so comfortable. The only small negative thing that annoyed us was that one group was being quite loud in the common area. I had asked one of the girls that works there to get them to quiet down and she said they were leaving soon. Well they did not leave soon, and actually she was in and out of the room turning the lights on and doing whatever. Not cool.


Highly would recommend this hostel. The staff was sooo friendly and helpful. Wicked awesome location, wonderful that you get free breakfast and free dinner. STAY HERE!!!

Five Elements Hostel Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany

We were quite surprised that the hostel was located right in the red light district - which hopefully we just missed when reading the overview. Quite far from the old town, but very close to the train station. It was nice that they put on a little gathering every evening, whether it was pasta night, or movie night or something. Most likely we would stay here again.

Five Elements Hostel Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany

We really enjoyed our stay at this hostel. Location was not our favourite (although 5 min walk from main train station) as it was in the middle of the Red Light District which is some distance from the city center and attracts quite a few less desirable characters. We did however LOVE the shower (pressure and always hot!!)!! The staff was super awesome and helpful. Its slightly pricey, especially for off season, but we would stay here again!! p.s. pillows are super bally :(


AMAZING HOSTEL!! We loved staying here! The staff was super-dee-duper friendly and helpful. The only area to improve (in the winter) is the muddy floors from people's boots coming in and out of the hostel. Perhaps putting up a little shelf at the entrance, or getting people to take their shoes off at the entrance and carry them to their room where there could be a bucket for them or something would be awesome. Would definitely recommend staying.

Eastener Hostel

Berlin, Germany

WE LOVED THIS HOSTEL!!!! It was such a great place to stay for our short visit to Berlin in winter. The location was perfect! The staff were extremely helpful, especially regarding what to go check out in the city. We would definitely stay here again!

Hotel Mevlana

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Many of the comments we read prior to booking were disappointed with the lack of common area, and saying the size of room being too small. Yes, both of these are true but we did not mind at all. We did not spend any time really at the hostel. There is a microwave that you can use as guests, which we found convenient. It would be nice if the washrooms were cleaned more often than once a day. The staff was wicked nice!! We enjoyed our stay here and would return most definitely!


This hostel was a five minute walk from Victoria Coach station, which was just what we were looking for. The only thing we were not a fan of was the three-layer bunk bed system. It was overwhelming. With that many people in the room I think it would be a better idea to put some more outlets in the room. But overall it was an average stay, and would most likely return if that was the area we were looking to be in.

Inverness Tourist Hostel

Inverness, Scotland

The facilities were definitely not the greatest, more specifically the shower. Water would change from hot to cold and it had next to zero pressure. The staff was fantastic! Very friendly and helpful!!!

Hostel Heart of Sarajevo

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

We had a wonderful time staying here!!! The staff (who were all very friendly and helpful) shared yummy little Bosnian snacks with us, which made us feel very welcome. Everything was pretty clean and facilities were perfect.

Old Sailor Apartments

Dubrovnik, Croatia

It was absolutely wonderful to stay here!!! We booked it last minute and they had no problem with getting everything ready for us. Thank you

Bed&Bed Milan

Milan, Italy

We really liked the room, and loved the tv (able to watch English!) . It was also nice they had a computer for guest use downstairs. The location was alright, easy enough to find. If we were to ever visit Milano again ( which we won't because we did not like it ) we would stay here again.

Robby's House

Naples, Italy

great place!!! Roberto is very nice and his place is clean and spacious. Very relaxing place in the city!

Salvador B&B

Rome, Italy

We really enjoyed the staff here!! They were funny and very helpful. The room itself was in the smaller side, but it was nice and cozy. We were also super happy with the breakfast!!!

Guesthouse il Gong

Rome, Italy

We absolutely LOVED this b&b!!! It was soo spacious and soo CLEAN!!! it was so nice to stay somewhere like this. We definitely suggest Staying here! :D

Hotel Umbria

Perugia, Italy

Great location!! Near the top of Perugia. Easy to access all piazzas. Clean, comfortable and cozy! :) we really enjoyed our stay in Perugia. Beautiful less touristy Italian city:).