Reviews: Anonymous

Stayokay Den Haag (The Hague)

The Hague, Netherlands

Was up on the 3rd floor in room 3.07 could not fault the dorm or general cleanliness. Was also in with good group of people who we're discrete tidy and quiet when they came in late (no wild horseplay or banter like Amsterdams Stadsdolen). It would have been nice to have had a general standard flush toilet available up on the 3rd floor even if this was communal as i had to use the 'shelf' arrangement in the dorm. The stench was truly overpowering in such a confined space!

Stayokay Amsterdam Stadsdoelen

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Had many a good stay at this hostel but has now become a bit to pricey. Took issue with the staff in that processing my check in took well over an hour. I was unfortunate enough to arrive at the time a huge party of 70 people we're checking in! I had been cycling in the waterland area and turned up drenched due to a massive shower. There then unsued a long wait in the lobby wringing out my socks and pouring water out of my shoes. Not much fun for a diabetic with neuropathy in the feet!