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Aura Thematic Hostel

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

All in all, very nice hostel. Rooftop bar was excellent. Staff were helpful and our tuk-tuk driver was good. Note: our 6-bed female dorm was VERY small and tight (should have been a 4-bed room) and had NO windows. Rather claustrophobic and made early morning departures quite difficult. Okay location to the riverside bar area, required a walk down some quiet streets which might be unsettling for some.

In Da Lodge

Ubud, Indonesia

Overall an excellent hostel. Facilities (restaurant/bar, pool, common areas) were superb. Staff worked hard to keep the rooms and common areas clean. No security at all for dorm rooms (they had lockers in a separate area), and the strict midnight lights-out policy was frustrating. Also, this didn't happen to me but there were at least one or two people per night (over three nights) who came back to their room to find their bed had been double-booked. I'd stay again, fun place.

Blanc Inn

Singapore, Singapore

Very friendly and helpful staff. Good location near two MRT stops. Liked having the extra space/privacy in my alcove as opposed to a typical dorm. Overall a very pleasant stay.

Frankfurt Hostel

Frankfurt, Germany

Nice hostel very close to the train station. Fun, large common area. Dorm bedroom got *very* hot and stuffy at night, and two single bathrooms for an entire floor of dorm rooms is not enough. Not bad for the price, overall.

A&O Nuernberg Hauptbahnhof

Nuremberg, Germany

Very convenient to the train station. Separate ensuite toilet and shower rooms. No lockers in the rooms which was not the best, and across from major building construction. Front desk severely understaffed during peak hours. Slightly overpriced (especially when you add in the linen charge), but overall a decent place to sleep.

Labyrinth Hostel Weimar

Weimar, Germany

Great hostel, great atmosphere, amazingly friendly and helpful staff. Had a wonderful time -- thanks again!

OPERA Hostel

Erfurt, Germany

Definitely a good deal for the price, although personally I wouldn't mind paying a little more per night if it meant the wifi could be included. Dorm security wasn't great (no keys), but they provided big under-bunk lockers. Very easy to get to from the train station.


Had a great time. Staff were incredibly nice and helpful. Loved the downstairs cafe/bar. The dorm rooms did not lock automatically and my dorm-mates kept neglecting to lock the door behind them, but the rooms had big lockers for valuables. The room's en-suite was small but clean. I'd definitely stay here again.

El Salam Hotel

Aswan, Egypt

Staff were great, very friendly. My room was on the old and tired side though. The air conditioner was ancient, loud, and barely functional, and there was no hot water when I tried to shower. Bathroom was not the greatest. All in all, it was okay for one night but I'm glad I didn't book a longer stay there.

Hush Hostel Moda

Istanbul, Turkey

This is my second time staying here. Staff were great as always, and the hostel was very clean. The location above the bars is really pretty noisy though, the only real drawback.

World House Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

Great location near the Galata Tower. Decent breakfast. Staff was hit-or-miss though. Rooms were clean, but had a bit of street noise coming through.

Hush Hostel Moda

Istanbul, Turkey

Very clean and friendly hostel. Right in the middle of Kadikoy which is awesome, just don't hope for an early night. It's overlooks a busy bar/restaurant street. The door is a little hard to spot but just keep your eyes open for the sign. One toilet for an entire floor of dorms which I imagine might not work out if the hostel was full during high season. Staff were very nice and accommodating, even granted me a late checkout. I'd stay again.

Guzel Izmir Oteli

Izmir, Turkey

Very convenient to Basmane. Room was tiny and kind of dumpy, but the bathroom was very clean. Staff were all excellent. and the breakfast was good. A bit of a walk to get to the Kordon though.

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Dear Guest, Thank you for your feedback. We are a budget hotel located in the city center of Izmir . Hope to host you again in the near future. Kind Regards, Güzel İzmir Oteli

Athens Backpackers

Athens, Greece

The location and the staff are the big pluses for this hostel. Right next to Acropolis metro, and within easy walking distance of a ton of shops and restaurants. Staff were all extremely friendly and helpful at any hour of the day or night. Good wi-fi. I was there in the off-season so couldn't take advantage of the rooftop bar, but the Sports Bar down the street was cool. I wish they'd lock the front door though, especially at night.

Legend R.G

Rome, Italy

Neither great nor terrible. Seemed clean. The free pizza and wine every night was nice. The staff were not terribly warm or helpful, just circled big-name items on the map that I can find perfectly well myself. Not having reception in the same apt. where I was staying was a real hindrance. Just north of Termini, which means it's a long walk to get to any of the sights or good neighborhoods, but also of course it's a short easy walk from the station itself. The 10 AM lockout is a bit early.


Sorrento, Italy

This place is great! I booked for one night, last minute, and they let me check in at 10 AM, and also upgraded me to a single with a private ensuite for no extra charge! The staff were extremely nice all around. It's about a 15-minute walk to the Sant Agnello station and 10 minutes to the bus. Wi-fi is only in the common room, that was my only issue and pretty minor compared. The pool and outdoor spaces would be great plusses if it wasn't off-season. Would have stayed longer if I could!

Seven Hostel

Sorrento, Italy

There is a nightclub in the center of this hostel. My room's window was literally right over it, separated from the DJ by a cloth awning. When I checked in, they told me there would be "live music" until midnight. It was still blasting until after 2 AM. The hostel obviously wants to make money during the slow season by turning the hostel into a club for local Italians, completely screwing over their paying guests. I checked out after the first night and got my money back.

PLUS Florence

Florence, Italy

Pretty decent overall. The pool, etc. are nice touches but I didn't get a chance to use them myself so can't comment on their quality. Rooms were pretty basic but had big lockers, and my four-bed dorm had a microwave and fridge so that was pretty good. Restaurant leaves a lot to be desired though. Only real complaint is that there is no common area besides reception after the bar closes. About a 15-minute walk from SMN, not bad. Wi-fi was fast.

PLUS Camping Jolly

Venice, Italy

Be aware their shuttle bus has stopped running for the season as of Nov. 1. This fell right in the middle of my stay and they didn't warn us or anything. VERY inconvenient! The public bus stop is 20 minutes away, not 10 like they say, and door-to-door with public transit, you can expect it to take an hour to get to or from Venice. The restaurant and bar staff were great but their drink prices are quite high. Reception staff was wretched. Bungalows are nice but too small for three people.


Very inconvenient location -- about a 20-minute bus ride from the station, and absolutely nothing is nearby, not a single shop or restaurant, so plan ahead when you're downtown. The hostel is also next to a daycare and that can get *very* noisy. No kitchen, just a microwave and some overpriced vending machines. The lockers in the hall were all broken -- couldn't get a single one to actually latch. Lockout starts at 10:00 which to me is a little early. Staff were nice and wi-fi was decent.

Hostel 5 Terre

Cinque Terre, Italy

Be aware the hostel takes a siesta daily from 1-4 -- this is NOT on their website and I arrived at 1:30 to a locked hostel. They have the WORST shower system -- you need a TOKEN which gives you five minutes of hot water. Plus there is no privacy or changing space, and the token machine is out in the stall and sink area. You're out of luck if you don't have a towel big enough to cover you. No wi-fi on the second floor. No kitchen. Their cafe prices are as expensive as nicer places in town.


This hostel is quite basic -- no kitchen or common area; there is a table with chairs outside. It's close to the train station and a walkable distance from the airport, but make sure you get extra-clear directions if coming at night! Carlos, the owner, is *excellent*. I arrived at 1:00 AM and he was outside looking for me. When I mentioned my frustration at getting a little lost, he went above and beyond to make me happy. An excellent value for the price.

Indigo Youth Hostel

Valencia, Spain

Pretty basic hostel, not too far from the train station which is good. Long bus or metro to the beach though. No bunk beds in the rooms which is great. Bathrooms and kitchen could use a good scrubbing, and the kitchen really needs a stovetop and toaster oven. Staff were all very nice. All in all, a pretty good value for the price.

Backpackers BCN

Barcelona, Spain

I booked this hostel because they promised it would be quiet -- and it was! :) They really do mean it that they want you to have fun but not get drunk and loud in the hostel. Each bed has a reading light.... they REALLY need to put more electrical sockets in the rooms and common areas though. Rooms had AC, very nice. Convenient to metro and about a 15-minute walk to Las Ramblas.

No Name City Hostel

Madrid, Spain

Courtyard is nice; vending machines are helpful. Staff are not exactly warm. Ridiculous passel of small children my first night that made a stupid amount of noise. Not hot water the first two nights.

Yes! Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

This is the best hostel I have ever stayed in. The staff are AMAZING, and the dinners they do every night are tremendous (and an excellent value!). The free shot every night at 11:30 is a nice touch. :) They blend fun and quiet perfectly. No partying on the dorm floors and the rooms have huge lockers and sturdy bunks with privacy curtains and reading lights. Definitely do the free walking tour and the tour out to Sintra! Laundry facilities, good bathrooms, and a full bar downstairs. Love.

Rivoli Cinema Hostel

Porto, Portugal

This is a big, clean hostel close to the train station. Good security -- huge lockers with hangers for clothes even. My rating would be higher if not for the large group of young guys that made the hostel their own for the duration of my stay. They were extremely loud and obnoxious, just completely taking over any room they were in, and the hostel made NO effort to quiet them down. This is clearly a party hostel, so go here if you like loud music day and night, but not if you like sleep.

Si Gros

San Sebastian, Spain

Great location, and the staff are superb. They let me keep the room an entire extra day (until 9:00 that night) because my train left much later than expected! Rooms are a little crowded, and the place is a little run-down but still quite acceptable. They gave me a "locker", part of an old built-in cabinet that had a key, but if I pulled on the doors they opened whether it was "locked" or not. You need a card key to get into the building and the hostel though, so I didn't mind this too much.

Vertigo Vieux-Port

Marseille, France

This place was great. I loved that our four-bed room was four separate beds instead of bunks. Location close to the port (and ~20 minutes to a small city beach) could not be beat. Staff were all excellent and went out of their way to help us. The kitchen and bathrooms could have been a little cleaner, but overall (especially for the price!) we were very pleased.

Hostel Baccarat

Nice, France

This hostel is close to the train station and about a 20-minute walk to the beach. That's a mark in its favor, but the hostel itself left quite a bit to be desired... our 8-bunk room had no windows -- it was like sleeping in a smelly, hot, stuffy cave. Cockroach in the bathroom.

Chamonix Lodge

Chamonix, France

This hostel is about a 30-minute walk from the Aguile du Midi station, so just keep that in mind. Kind of far from any shops or markets, and they don't sell bottled water or anything at the hostel. They also will NOT check you in before 4:00. Other than that, the staff were very friendly and gave us instructions for a cool hike on the mountain. Room was clean with comfy duvets and our three-bunk room had a full ensuite. The advertised hot tub was also very much not in operation.


Be warned -- this hostel is in a *really* bad part of town! My sister and I saw drug deals and prostitutes working right outside our window at night. It's about a 30-minute walk to the good parts near the river. Our room itself was clean and nice but they booked us into a small double bed so that was a little awkward. Common area is dark and uninviting, but the staff were very helpful when we needed help booking our next train. Overall, nice enough hotel, just VERY unfortunate location!