Reviews: Anonymous

Tangier Melting Pot Hostel

Tangier, Morocco

The staff was TERRIBLE! They were never at reception and gave us awful recommendations of things to do. They seemed apathetic and bothered when we asked for help. Overall, the hostel itself wasn't bad but the people working there made it a lot less enjoyable.

Feel Hostels City Center

Malaga, Spain

There were RATS in the attic and all we heard anytime we were in our room was them running around, mating, fighting, etc. Don't get me started on the bathroom either. I don't know how often they clean them, but it definitely was not daily because both sinks in the girl's restroom on our floor were clogged and had what appeared to be mold in them the first 2 days we were there. We told the staff about this and they advised us to use a bathroom on a different floor.