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Hotel Kamal

Agra, India

One of the workers was extremely helpful and gave great advice on some prices for shopping. I asked around and what he said was completely accurate. The location is great, but other places have rooftop restaurants, so if you want cheaper go somewhere else, otherwise this place is good enough. It was basic and clean for the most part. The restaurant is expensive. I would stay again if I didn't find anything cheaper. It was still a nice place though. Had 24 hour hot shower which was a plus.


I arrived at 11 at night and left the next day at 5 in the morning so I wasn't there long, but it seemed really nice. Judging from the rooftop, you had a beautiful view of the fort so the location was good. The owner was also extremely nice and it made me wish we had more time to stay longer. I will stay there again if I go back.

Hotel Surja Guest House

Jaisalmer, India

The hostel was very good and would stay here again. The location is amazing as you are staying in the fort. Also, I am pretty sure we overpaid a little for the camel trip through them, but they took us to a location where there was no other people, taught us how to make some indian food, and when we came back the next day, they gave us a room for two hours to clean up. So, with all the extra stuff included, it was well worth the extra money. The restaurant food was a little overpriced though.

Vinayak Guesthouse

Jaipur, India

The Hostel was great and the son of the hostel was amazing. He was very helpful with all of our questions and he set us up with a tuktuk driver for the day to take us to all the temples in Jaipur for 500 rupees. They have hot water all day which was a plus. I arrived at 6:00 in the morning and they gave me a room for no extra charge. Also, their food is the cheapest in the area and its also very good and you get a very good portion. If you stay on first floor, you will not have wifi. Loved it!

21 Youth Hostel

Beihai, China

It wasn't open when I arrived. I was able to call the owner from the website and he did find me a new place and paid for the difference which was nice. But, it was complete bad that it was closed and it was never mentioned that it was. Thank god I could speak a little chinese otherwise who knows what would of happened.


It was an extremely nice hostel. It was very clean and the employees were very helpful and friendly. They actually upgraded me for no extra cost just because they had the extra room available. I will definitely stay their again if I go back to Nanning.

Golden Time Hostel

Hanoi, Vietnam

An absolutely great place. The location is terrific as you are maybe a 5 minute walk from the lake and the shopping/food area. I was greeted by Tony who offered me tea and a whole watermelon (for no extra charge, just to be nice) as they were cleaning my room. This place was amazing and if I ever go back to Hanoi, this is where I am staying. I would also like to mention that my room even had a sofa in it. A terrific place.

Bodega Hostel Hanoi

Hanoi, Vietnam

I enjoyed my stay. very Friendly staff.

King Guesthouse

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The place was ok. They were a little pushy here in trying to get me to purchase all of my tickets through them. I was only here for one night and that was enough. The location is good. A 5 minute walk to the river. If in need for a cheap place for a night or two, then this place is good, otherwise I would say look elsewhere. The restaurant next store has cheaper prices. I would stay here again, but would look at other places first.

Garden Village Guest House

Siem Reap, Cambodia

This place was good and extremely cheap. I am sure there are better places to stay in Siem Reap, but this place was just so cheap and pretty clean. I liked it and would stay again if I go back to Angkor Wat. The only problem is you are a 15 minute walk from pub street, but the nights are nice in Siem Reap so a 15 minute walk is nothing. Also, the staff does like to screw you over on prices for water a little, but I still liked the place and would stay again.

Mr. Panda Hostel

Chengdu, China

Great place and great location. Mr. Panda is such a nice guy and loved to share his wine that he made. It was actually pretty good. I've done much traveling and this was definitely one of the better hostels in China. It also had very comfy beds. I will stay here again when I go back to Chengdu.

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Thank you ,My friend . So grateful ! I give you a paragraph of my hostel stories : "...Hostel was quiet again . Even you could hear a little bit snore from the dorm .You know , I liked this business . No , It’s not business , I should say it’s my life !!! Even this snore seemed to be an amazing serenade , Of cause , Snore never got country border , Now Chinese , American , German , Dutchman ….spoke the same word ! I loved you , My lovely dearness in each room at my hostel ! ..."

Yangshuo Showbiz Hostel

Yangshuo, China

An excellent location, a little hard to find but an excellent place. The rooftop bar was amazing and everyone there was very friendly. The bartender from the rooftop took me and some other guys out the next day on motorbikes and showed us all around the countryside of Yangshuo. We had to rent the motorbikes, but she gave us a tour for free. I loved this place and loved Yangshuo. I can't wait to go back and this is the place I will stay when I go back.