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Istanbul Harmony Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Great all-around hostel. The staff was very friendly (thanks Stella and Rami!) and Mahmood cooks a mean BBQ. Late night he even rustled up some eggs and potatoes that were The hostel is exactly the right size, big enough so there are always new faces but small enough for it to feel like a community. The terrace on the top floor is amazing on a sunny day.

Milhouse Avenue

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Great party atmosphere, tons of people at the Hostel. The trade-off is that the staff aren't always as friendly as other smaller hostels. Still, great place to meet folks.


Cusco, Peru

Staff could be better trained. Atmosphere is good for those looking for a quieter experience, not so much for meeting folks.


Great hostel with a very friendly staff! Paola and Matteo were great and brought the group together. As a solo backpacker, I felt like I was family from the first second. Party or chill, it's got everything you need and you can still sleep at night. Would definitely recommend this for all.