Reviews: Anonymous

Velkommen Guesthouse

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Good location (near palace), clean rm, air con working, spacious bathroom, hot and powerful shower, tv, fan, comfortable bed. Its full easily, better book it in advance.

Tattva Design Hostel

Porto, Portugal

Again another best hostel. Stylish design with nice kitchen, restaurant and lobby. Rooms are clean, with bed curtains!!! bed light and 3 personal plus instored into the bed (amazing), gd wifi, 2 toilets and 2 HOT showers inside all with separate doors. No Queue! Heater works well in room. Staff are very nice and helpful, they fixed the hot shower problem immediately,THANKS A LOT ! Perfect location, 2 mins to the main church n the river! Nice breakfast, with muffins, ham, cheese n everything.

The Architect Hostel

Seville, Spain

Excellent! Clean, several separate toilets and showers (plus a large room having both shower and toilets, nice and like a hotel), beautiful kitchen (like a cafe, which u can stay even overnight), wifi is good everywhere. Ikea style Room is clean, large n bright, with lockers and enough plugs. Staff are very nice, they even write ur name on a welcome board. Breakfast is general but enough. Cooking in the kitchen is of no problem, tea and coffee anytime. Will definitely choose it again!

Auberge Abyss Douzi

Marrakech, Morocco

No hot shower! (this is my never-come-back-reason) No locker, room door cant be locked (but strict security at main door), not enough plugs, room was dark. Breakfast is fine, a piece of bread and tea, sure not enough but u could always have nice and cheap food other. A staff (guy) sleeps in the patio, so you cannot stay there for wifi after midnight. But its very cheap, 3euro in a 7bed mixed rm. Location is fine, 5mins from center of Medina. Staff are nice, esp the reception girl.

La Posada de Huertas

Madrid, Spain

Warm, big room, not overcrowded even with 10beds, big lockers with a funny key. But only one bathrm inside w/o hot water, so I had shower in the shared bathrm on 1/F (Super hot), but low privacy, ppl on corridor might see u when u finish. Free breakfast of general things, but no ham, cheese and fruits. N they use plastic and paper utensils. There are equipments for cooking. Wifi only in lobby, but I got it with the little table and chair on 1st/F, NO NEED TO STAY IN LOBBY! Staff are very nice!

AWA Relax Hostal Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Location a bit far away from Barcelone center, but its 10min walk to the Park Guell. No lock on room door, u could use a small locker next to reception(deposit), my netbook could not place flat. The door of the apartment was not locked always. Sometimes need to ring the bell to see staff, overall no problem. Nice and clean apartment, kitchen and living room. 3 or 4 bathrm/toilets for all, hot shower no problem. Wifi if great.

St Christopher's Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

My best hostel, for sure! Curtain with bed and wifi everywhere. Its cheap,8euro in 12bed girl rm, not full in early Dec, always less then 6 ppl in my rm. Inside rm, 2 sets shower/toilet separated w/ basins, hair dryer, no queue always. Everything clean and new. Rm temperature was comfortable. Big movable cage to lock your things, rmb to bring a lock. Unbeatable FREE breakfast with watermelon, orange, tomato slice, cheese, ham, n all other usual things.Location perfect, 20 seconds to La Ramble!

Sweet & Cheap

Split, Croatia

Booked 4-bed mixed doom , but stayed in 3-bed girl room(Nov12) , very gd. There were not many guests, all are girls. 5 mins walk from the main tourist area (safe path), speedy wifi, clean, great hot shower (2 big bathrm for all). Kitchen was not well equipped, no water kettle, but there were fridge, a few plates/bowls/spoons. Air control in room, warm enough. No staff in this apartment, but owner's mum lived one floor lower, no problems seeking help. Can pay to use washing and drying machine.

M&N Zafran

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

I was there alone in early Nov12, its hard for me to get a cheap room for just myself. 24euro for a single ensuite, pretty fair around there. Perfect house, wifi, kitchen and hot shower. The room was great as well, no complains, and I have a nice balcony, although I didnt stay there in the cold weather. The house is 5 mins walk away from the bus stop that a bus brings u to Entrance no.1 in 15 mins. (no.2 is closed in non-peak season).

Hostel Home Zadar

Zadar, Croatia

Its an apartment and I needed to call the staff to open the door, coz no one was inside. And I was the only guest that night. Everything was new and clean, great shower, well equipped kitchen. There were heater, speedy and stable wifi. The building is just next to the sea, with quiet neighborhood.

River Bank Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

The location is good, 15mins to charles bridge. Clean toilets and showers, as well as room. And rooms are so large that no bunk beds are used. Lockers and keys provided for free. Enough personal space in room but also good social space in kitchen as well. Well facilitated kitchen you could cook or prepare any food easily. It has a room like living room which you could stay late for internet or anything without disturbing others. Inside this room, there is a desktop for everyone to use as well.