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London, England

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Isaacs Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

Nice price, decent location and good security. The whole building could use a better aeration, during the night the rooms gets pretty hot, I have to admit. I also have to comment that showers could be little more accessorized, just a couple of more hangers would do the trick. Beside this, nothing to complain about: nice staff, nice location, nice price. Internet worked fine in the main hall, even thou was not very usable from my room.

Red Emperor Bar&Hostel

Tallinn, Estonia

Super friendly and helpful staff, cheap rates and beer, great location. Great place to meet fellow travellers, but also local Estonians, which pass by the very popular bar right next to the hostel. What else you could possibly ask for?

Andong PeterPan Guest House

Andong, South Korea

I stayed here just one night and was totally worth it. The place is run but this awesome guy that speaks some really basic English. Place is one floor apartment with various rooms, very modern and clean. When I went there we were a total of 4 people (3 guest and the owner) and I was invited to drink with the guys all together. The atmosphere was awesome and friendly; for the look of the place and the situation, was much more like we were 4 friends that meet up for a drink than hotel guests.

SUM Guesthouse Busan Station

Busan, South Korea

I had a nice time in Busan and at SUM Guesthouse. Welcome pack provide two towels (even thou kinda small) and slippers. Whole guesthouse is modern and everything look nice and new. Walls between the rooms does not reach the ceiling so you can heard everything that happens in the other rooms like is happening in yours. In the shower the body soap and the shampoo is already provided. WiFi works well and the provided PC in the common room even better. Only things: the doors are tricky to close.

Bong House

Seoul, South Korea

Staying at Bong House means feel like at home, but in Seoul. I stayed here in two different periods, for a total of almost 7 days. Mr. Bong and all his staff is super helpful and kind, place is great, just 10 minutes from the nearest subway station. The price is ridiculous for what you get. Surrounding area is full of things to do, places to eat, etc. You won`t get bored. Definitely gonna stay here again if I will ever pass by Seoul again, not even thinking about something else.

Grand Hostel Gdansk

Gdansk, Poland

I stayed 2 nights here and I paid in total 16€. I slept in confortable 8 beds dorm (but just 3 occupied). I had the hotel in the best position ever (seriously, 100 metres from the heart of Gdansk, the hotel is actually inside the old town), free breakfast, free wifi, free bike rent, free tv, free Wii. Staff is awesome and super helpful. I really can't imagine something better for a price like this. I've been in hotels that cost 10 times more and not remotely comparable to this awesome stay. Book