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Location: New Zealand, Gender: Female, Age: 30

Route 39

Istanbul, Turkey

The hostel is decent, the internet is hit or miss, the breakfast is The beds are clean and comfortable, the rooftop bar area is great, the staff are wonderful but the owners lack the ability to smile. The reason i booked this hostel is because of the free burger stated on the website, i asked for it all three days i was there and was given an excuse each time (our kitchen is closed-it was 9.30pm, i cant find our chef, and we dont do that anymore). Not bad but not great.


Amazing place!!!! People are fantastic, facilities ie kitchen, bathrooms, information, beds are all great! I have nothing bad to say about this place-if i did then i've already forgotten it! Stay here-you'll love it!!!

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Thanks for taking the time to write a comment. We hope you enjoy Japan as much as Hiroshima. Take care and all the best. :0)


This hostel is not a hostel. It is a hotel with a few rooms full of falling apart, old capsules. I stayed 3 nights and on check out day (which was at 10am) i had my pack on my back leaving the room as the female owner cam in yelling at me quite aggressively to pay a whole extra night cause it was now 10.03am-i refused and she followed my down the stairs telling me i had to-up until this poin she had played the 'sorry no english' card. No good-i am back in Tokyo staying at Khoasan-much better!

Nomad Cave Hostel

Goreme, Turkey

This hostel is an average one, the breakfast is fantastic, the beds are very comfy and it is generally quite clean. Although the showers are outside and getting hot water is like flipping a coin. The staff are mostly quite cold aand dont speak very good english and spend most of their time playing card games in the common area so you feel like youre interrupting when you want to use the intenet or hang out. Bit of a weird one-keep looking around i'd say.

Artemis Yoruk Hotel

Pamukkale, Turkey

Pretty good guesthouse, although i never had a hot shower....always luke warm. The breakfast was pretty average too. On the plus side they did have a sauna and a swimming pool which was nice and one of the staff members Ahmet was very helpful my whole stay. But dont trust the tour company opposite-owned by the same people..had loads of trouble with them! Not worth it!

Boomerang Guesthouse

Selcuk, Turkey

Fantastic place!! Full of charisma and the staff are so very welcoming and friendly!! Would have stayed longer if there was more to do in Selcuk!! Breakfast is great, Plenty of hot water, great garden bar and social scene-i could go on forever!!

Route 39

Istanbul, Turkey

Bit of a strange place actually, lots of pets and students staying here. Staff were a mixed bunch of travellers and locals, No individual keys for the rooms. Good rooftop bar and social area though, felt sorry for the poor rabbit running around getting almost sat on by drunk people though...Not one of my favourites im afraid...keep looking.


Santorini, Greece

What a fantistic place!!! The owner is a great character with amazing stories and loads of time to help with anything you need. Very close to a bus stop that takes you anywhere. I cannot recommend Caveland highly enough!!!

Ampeli Studios

Paros, Greece

The owner was so accommodating, he picked us up from the port, gave us bigger rooms for no extra charge seeing as he had them free and dtayed out of our hair the whole time. No extreme rules, very relaxed atmosphere, great location and outside communal area. Winner!

Hostel Mancini

Naples, Italy

It was an ok hostel except for a few minor things, the location is good in regards to it being close to the train station but the part of the city is very didgy and not very safe, also to enter the hostel all you have to do is say 'hello'ver the intercom and you are let in, we only had one key between 6 of us in a dorm which was a bit slack. The internet is also very poor, most of the itme there was no connection. Unfortunately i wont be rocommanding this hostel.

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When i arrived nothing was explained to me about the area or the hostel, i asked if there was a kitchen-they said yes-but all we could use was the jug and the fridge even though the kitchen is big. The breakfast for 3 euros is a waste of money, you cant help your self, they sevre you the 'meat' and cheese and get cereal as well but thats it. you cant drink your own alcohol inside and there is no bar so no social scene. Big rooms though which was good but wont be recommending it sorry

404 Hostel

Cologne, Germany

Fantastic hostel, unfortuantely i only stayed one night as i was passing through but it made me want to stay longer. The rooms are great, designed really well, largest bathrooms ive ever seen in a hostel, lovely little kitchen, great lounge area that feels welcoming and inviting. The guy working there when i arrived seemed very annoyed that i asked for a map and rushed through his monotone explanation of where to go and what to do. Even after that i would definately stay again!

Do Step Inn

Vienna, Austria

The hostel owners are quite accommodating but unfortunately that doesnt make up for the bad points. The internet almost never connects and the computer provided has a foreign keyboard, the 'location' is close to the train station but the area is very dodgy and doesnt feel safe at all, All you have to do to get into the building is say 'hello' through the intercom and they let you up, we only had one key for our room (6 ppl). Sorry but wouldnt recommend it.

Mosquito Hostel

Krakow, Poland

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A&O City Hackerbruecke

Munich, Germany

No customer comment

Riverside Lodge Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Best hostel ive ever stayed in!! Felt like home everytime i walked in the door-will never forget this place or Enrique!!!

Hostel Van Gogh

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This hostel felt more like a hotel, in good ways and bad. The rroms were spotless and all had flat screen plasma TV's and beautiful bathrooms. The common area was very stark and uninviting although they do have a tv in there but its set up more like a cafateria. The breakfast was fantastic!!! You cant use the tea, coffee, juice or water dispenser unless breakfast is being served. The only cooking facilities is one microwave. The staff are very helpful and there is plenty of info about the city.

HI De Draecke Gent

Gent, Belgium

The hostel seemed quite unfriendly and impersonal. There was a massive kitchen that is not available for use by people staying at the hostel. The rooms were a good size and the bathrooms were adequate. Nothing special though. Good value for money and location but nothing to make it unique.

Snuffel Backpacker Hostel

Bruges, Belgium

All the staff that work here are fantastic and seem to really enjoy their jobs. I have been telling people about this place ever since i left!!!