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Rocinha Guest House

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I had a great time at the Rocinha guest house. The family was very helpful, and friendly. Obie helped me a lot with setting up my Brazilian cell phone. We also went to some good parties! I will probably stay there again soon.


Wow, where do I start. The dirtiest hostel I have ever stayed at. Only 1 toilet, which is filthy due to so many people at the hostel. Showers, kitchen and rooms are absolutely disgusting. It is more like a squatter house than a hostel. Lot's of drugs going around, people sleeping all over the floors and couches. The "free" wifi worked about 20% of the time. I literally have nothing good to say about this place. DON"T STAY HERE!

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So I take it you've never stayed in a hostel before? We have a cleaner who cleans twice daily, I go around to make sure the place is spotless. We have 4 toilets in total, 1 of which was getting fixed while you were here. Perhaps voicing your concern at the time or asking someone where the other toilets were might have been a good option.. Might I point out we are a small hostel and at the time of your stay only had 20 guests( which is almost full capacity), I think 3 toilets should have been ample. As for the drugs comment, I myself have never witnessed any drug use on hostel grounds. People do not sleep on the floor, everyone who is here has a bed and when people fall asleep on the couch they are asked to move to their beds, as so other people can watch tv. The "free" wifi is FREE.... and sometimes it is slower if 20 people are downloading/skyping.

Oslo Hotel

Melbourne, Australia

This place is in a very poor condition. Everything is from the 1970's and deteriorated. There is no heat either, so it is very cold. The internet is extremely expensive as well. The street that the Hostel is located on is full of prostitutes and drug addicts as well.

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Unfortunately we cant control what happens in the street although we would like to. We are an old building - thats a reality but we are budget accomodation. YOu wouldnt have got as good a single room at $44 per night elsewhere