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Wombats City Hostel Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

overall a nice hostel. however, low points: WORST WIFI I HAVE EVER USED IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. they shouldnt advertise that there's free WIFI because it simply doesnt work, ever. they also left our bathroom uncleaned for a few days. also staff was friendly and helpful but often not very knowledgeable. and then there was a weird cup shortage. BUT, it was a very pretty, modern hostel with great beds, an amazing room setup - our 8 dorm felt like a 4 dorm, great lockers, great location and nice kitchen.


very good location, best wifi of the wombats, cool tv watching spot (except it's SO GODDAMN HOT), tiny kitchen (also very hot), nice beds and bedside tables, very clean. staff seemed really busy and stressed out so i felt bad for them but they were helpful. breakfast was very good but sucks that it's not free. i would recommend this hostel.

Do Step Inn

Vienna, Austria

very weird hostel. it was underground and felt like a bunker or bomb shelter. however it was very clean and had an amazing kitchen. this hostel has potential but it has a horrible atmosphere, there's nobody there and nobody looks happy. the location is pretty far from the center, you might have to take public transport. but hey it was really cheap and honestly GREAT value for the money. i think with a big group (to create your own atmosphere) on a budget this would actually be the perfect spot.

Mosquito Hostel

Krakow, Poland

AMAZING HOSTEL, DEFINITELY STAY HERE. wonderful staff (local, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, hardworking), FREE DINNERS, FREE LAUNDRY, free and amazing breakfast, fun nights out with free shots, nice and small so you can meet people, i've never had so much fun at a hostel. i can't recommend this hostel enough, it was perfect, zero complaints.

Hostel Kombinat

Wroclaw, Poland

HIGHLY RECOMMEND, DEFINITELY STAY HERE. this was the most comfortable hostel i have ever stayed in. like many reviews say, it's like staying at a friend's house. nice kitchen, great living room, great security (free padlocks for the lockers!), VERY clean, great beds, and the host himself is great. he sits you down, tells you stuff to do and is a really nice and open guy. also amazing bike rentals for a great price. oh, and don't be worried about the super sketchy front door!

Wombats City Hostel Berlin

Berlin, Germany

very nice hostel but for my tastes too big and commercialized. awesome bedside tables and nice beds. no hand soap in the 8 person ensuite bathroom so that's gross. extremely nice rooftop bar. horrible internet system. i had to login almost every time i wanted to connect, even if my phone just locked for 5 seconds. very clean. awesome lockers. bottom line is that i recommend this hostel, it's not the best hostel ever but it was good enough.

Funky Cordoba

Cordoba, Spain

not a great hostel. tiny, uncomfortable bathroom. if you are over 6 feet tall there's no way you can sit down on the toilet, the wall is too close. no hand soap either. beds are not great. hostel is located to a nearby club so it can be pretty noisy at night. no free breakfast, no lockers, and the security boxes were located so inconveniently that they were effectively useless. really nice staff and terrace though. i was fine though, i make it sound worse than it was.

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Hello, sorry about the inconveniences, we apologize deeply about the bathroom and the noise ( we hope you comprehend that we can not do anymore bot that) we are working to improve the rest, thanks for your review enjoy and take care

The Garden Backpacker

Seville, Spain

INCREDIBLE hostel. best i've ever been at. such a nice staff, free sangria, cheap, cooked food. what sets this place apart is that they have everything you could possibly need, free of charge. chargers, headphones, earplugs, hair dryers, converters, sewing kit, board games, TV, guitar, free lockers, everything! amazing common room, garden, and terrace as well. this hostel is more than a hostel, it's a home. only things i didnt like was the location and lack of free breakfast.

Samay Hostel Sevilla

Seville, Spain

very nice hostel. didnt like that the security deposit boxes didnt work and also didnt really like the staff either. room lacked outlets. extremely nice kitchen, very big. actually all the facilities were very nice. nice shower, floor towel and hand soap were also appreciated. no free breakfast was a bummer. good location. would recommend, would stay here again.


overrated. thought it was gonna be amazing with 1000+ reviews over 90% but it was just okay. i liked the big and free locker, floor towels, hand soap, terrace, location, and large kitchen. didn't like the beds, small amount of bathrooms, boring breakfast, or all the "do this do that" signs everywhere.

Dar Rabha

Fez, Morocco

pretty good hostel. clean, good breakfast, nice terrace, friendly staff. i didnt enjoy the wetrooms though, i prefer the bathroom and floor to be dry after someone takes a shower. i would stay here again, but i would also consider trying some other hostels in fez first.

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I Really don't know what to say After this amazing words: Thanks you so Much for your lovely words about hostel darrabha. we are really doing our best to offer you a pleasant time to all our Guest. we invite you all to enjoy the hospitality of hostel darrabha. mehd

Equity Point Marrakech

Marrakech, Morocco

amazing hostel, probably one of the nicest hostels i have ever stayed in. very luxurious. you get a pool and a nice terrace, you could stay and relax here all day. they even have a bar and restaurant although it is much pricier than what you can get on the streets (pricey by morocco standards). the staff was very helpful and friendly, one staff member we met named sam was really cool and had a lot of good advice. one problem was that in our room 2 of the lockers were blocked by the beds

Hostal JQ Madrid

Madrid, Spain

this is a great little hostel! it's located really close to sol and is very clean and comes at a great price. the receptionist was a very nice lady as well. i only gave it a good on security because there were no lockers or safe deposit boxes but with a 3 person room they're not as necessary. i recommend this hostel and would certainly stay here again.

Hatters on Newton Street

Manchester, England

had a very nice stay at this hostel. enjoyed having lockers and particularly appreciated the staff putting numbers on luggage in the luggage room, very few hostels do that and security is important to me. bathrooms were clean and fine but a hassle for the girls in my group since they were on another floor from the room. didnt have trouble sleeping due to noise like other reviewers

Perfect Hostel

Paris, France

pretty decent price for a private room, kind of just a cheap hotel. really didnt appreciate that the luggage room was just a room that anyone could enter, didn't feel great about leaving my stuff there. breakfast was simple. bed was okay.