Reviews: Anonymous

Cosmopolitan Hostel

Recife, Brazil

I can be quite a grumpy guy but the staff made me feel very welcome and happy. There was one cleaner that was very nice to me and she helped me clean chewing gum off my jeans lol. The only problem is mosquitoes but i think thats just Brazil.

A Sunflower Stop

Cape Town, South Africa

I've traveled around for three years now and this is by far the best hostel I've been to way better than European standards. All the staff were friendly and created a homely feel whilst being professional at all times. I love the size of the hostel there's always a quite place you can chat and plenty of washing facilities so you won't need to wait for a shower. The location, the bar, the pool this place will not disappoint. When I come back to cape town this place will be my number one choice.