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Harlem YMCA

New York, USA

This is a YMCA which meant it was a lot different from the hostel environment we were used to, but that didn't matter. Th e rooms and bathrooms were very basic, but what we needed. The YMCA was very close to a subway making it very easy to get into the 'touristy' part of New York. The thing that really made this place stand out was the staff that worked there. They were incredibly friendly, polite and helpful. It made staying in New York affordable.

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Dear Holly, Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback! We are glad to hear that you enjoyed your stay and that our staff helped make it a pleasant one. If you have any suggestions for how we can improve the atmosphere of our guest rooms to give it more of that hostel environment you're accustomed to please do let us know! You can email us at Kind regards, Thalia Harlem YMCA Guest Rooms Management Kind regards

Hostel Cat

Las Vegas, USA

Such a good hostel. We loved the atmosphere. The staff were really friendly and helpful. We had some great nights out (you've gotta do the limo ride/club crawl- it was amazing!) Security is very good, we always felt us and our stuff was always safe. We were expecting not to be able to sleep as it has been said to be a 'party hostel' on other reviews, but generally it goes quiet after 11, so we had no problem. If your looking for a cheap and nice place to stay in Vegas, I would recommend.

USA Hostels Hollywood

Los Angeles, USA

This is a great hostel. We had a great time here. We enjoyed some of their weekly events. The place was very clean. Lockers had power sockets in them so you could charge things while your out/asleep, which we thought was a great idea! Kitchen was good with really nice free coffee all day and a good free breakfast. Unfortunately, we got the room right next to the front door and kitchen, so we found it difficult to sleep as it was very noisy, but other rooms may not have this problem.

Anchor Lodge Backpackers

Coromandel, New Zealand

Anchor Lodge is a beautiful hostel with brilliant facilities. They have a heated swimming pool and hot tub which we had all to ourselves. We also had a TV in our room, and they rented out DVDs for free, which I thought was a nice touch (especially as there is not a lot to do in the town after dark). The toilets/showers are a little grim, but worth putting up with to stay at this lovely hostel.

The Mousetrap Backpackers

Paihia, New Zealand

A nice homely hostel. It can seem a little strict with their rules at times, but that is so that they can maintain their reputation of being a clean, quiet and homely hostel. Kitchen's are very small with limited utensils, so you do have to wait your turn, but that wasn't a problem for us. The view from the balcony was a beautiful sight to sit and eat your breakfast with in the morning.

Pentlands Backpackers Hostel

Auckland, New Zealand

We only stayed one night, but the night that we did stay there we really enjoyed. This is a lovely hostel in a little village outside Auckland. We thought it was a good mix of quiet so that you could sleep, but busy enough to chat to other travellers and enjoy a few drinks. The only slight down side was that for the amount of people there, the kitchen and fridges were just not big enough as it was very busy as everyone was trying to make their dinner at the same time.

Criterion Art Deco Backpackers

Napier, New Zealand

A lovely hostel with lovely art deco features. They give you free breakfast and a little bit of free wifi (although it didn't work for us). The hostel was in a good location and staff were friendly and told us about places to go etc. Bathrooms weren't brilliant, and as they were unisex toilets and showers, I felt there was just no privacy. Apart from that, a good hostel.

Moana Lodge

Porirua, New Zealand

We really enjoyed our stay at Mona Lodge, it is right on the beach front in cute Plimmerton. It's about a 10-15 minute walk to the main street of Plimmerton (along the beach front), where the station is, and then a 30 minute train journey into Wellington, so it is quite out of the way if you are only wanting to spend time in Wellington. However, the actual hostel is very beautiful, and it feels more like a B&B than a hostel. A lovely, quiet and relaxed hostel.

Taupo Urban Retreat

Taupo, New Zealand

A nice hostel with friendly staff. It must be part of the 'Experience NZ' hostels as there were a lot of people to mix with and have a drink with at their very cheap bar, but it wasn't too noisy when you wanted to sleep= best of both worlds.

Jackaroo Hostel Kings Cross

Sydney, Australia

A decent hostel. The staff were friendly and helpful. Gave us a free map guide which was brilliant to give us ideas about what to do. Rooms, bathrooms, halls etc where clean and tidy, but I would have like to have slightly better security for my valuables (like under bed cages or something) because I didn't feel completely safe leaving them in the room and the lockers where too small. Hostel is in a dodgy area but it's right next to the station which is great for getting into the city!

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Hey Hollie, Thanks for the review.We are happy to hear that you enjoyed the hostel and appreciated the effort our staff go to in keeping the hostel clean. We have never had any issues with valuables going missing and we do have an office with a large safe where we can store things for you if the free lockers at reception are not large enough. Thanks

Manly Harbour Backpackers

Brisbane, Australia

Although we had a major mishap on the first night, it was sorted quickly, professionally and very fairly. The hostel is a little run down, but it is clean, it just needs a bit of a lick of paint and modernising. Although I do think that the new manager is starting to do something about this. The hostel is very far out of Brisbane, so the location isn't brilliant, but the train system is very good and easy (it just takes quite a long time to get anywhere). Bar attached is brill with great deals!

Bodega Phuket

Phuket, Thailand

This is the best hostel I have ever stayed in!! The staff are just the nicest people, who will help you with absolutely anything that you ask. The atmosphere is amazing, with a bar next door which is great to meet people and has very reasonable prices, but isn't noisy when you want to sleep. We booked in to stay another night after our first night here, and were truely sad to leave. Thank you everyone at Bodega!