Reviews: Anonymous


SO LOUD! Everything is SO LOUD! The windows are always open and you can hear everything on the street and in the businesses next door. I am a heavy sleeper, but my boyfriend is a light sleeper and he did not get a moment of shut eye during the night.

Mama Simona Hostel

Cusco, Peru

Pretty nice hostel and they have (mostly) hot showers! It is an older building and the floors are wood, so it is really squeaky and you can hear everyone walking in late or getting up early. Bring ear plugs!

Pariwana Hostel Cusco

Cusco, Peru

AMAZING hostel. Beautifully laid out, quiet where it should be and more of a party elsewhere. The staff is nice and accommodating. They are all helpful and know what they're doing-- they have a great system for everything. If you are a tired traveler and want a comfy bed and WARM/HOT shower/bath, then splurge and book the suite here. I could have lived there-- I didn't want to leave. Take my word for it... you will not be disappointed!


Close to the airport and convenient only for that reason. I could deal with the freezing cold showers, the darkly-lit rooms, and the paper-thin walls for the one night I was there.

Culebra International

Culebra, Puerto Rico

The people in charge of the hostel were phenomenal. The hostel itself needs a lot of work.

Hacienda Guaraguao

Luquillo, Puerto Rico

The guy in charge of the hostel-Definitely an interesting person-be ready to have some interesting conversations. The hostel;which isn't a hostel at all but a house in the middle of the rainforest;was in my opinion, awesome. While my boyfriend and I were there, we had the whole house to ourselves. It was actually a very nice place except there was no electricity. BUT You fall asleep to coqui frogs outside. It is a challenge to get to-not too close to anything, but an amazing experience in itself

Posada San Francisco

San Juan, Puerto Rico

The woman who runs the hostel is hard to get a hold of most of the time, but the hostel is great! Awesome location in town-- really close to shops. restaurants, sights, etc. The kitchen was great and the way the hostel was laid out was interesting-- really cool building. Only thing- we stayed there two separate times and paid the same for each time we were there (had same type of room: private) but our first had a TV and the second didn't. Not a big deal, just an observation. Very nice place!