Reviews: Anonymous

Sabah Pansiyon

Antalya, Turkey

Sabah is a nice pension conveniently located in the old town. The staff (owner) is very nice and welcoming. My room was quaint with ensuite. They offer all you can eat breakfast for 10 lira which was perfect, and for a small fee they will do your laundry which is a godsend when traveling for an extended period. My only complaint, and a slight one at that is the key system. You have to leave your key at the desk whenever you leave which is somewhat inconvenient. I would definitely recommend.

Hotel Eve House

Istanbul, Turkey

THIS PLACE IS A SCAM! It doesn't even exist! You will book a room, and not be able to find it because the address is fake! You will call and they will send someone to get you and take you to another hotel that costs 4x what you booked. When I told them to take me to hotel eve house, they refused and said it wouldn't help me in getting a room. If you google it, you will find different addresses for it. Apparently this happens frequently in Istanbul. Find another place that's reputable!!!!!

Sumo Cat Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Once we actually found it, it was great. The online directions leave something to be desired, but someone came and fetched us from the street and we were good. Rooms were nice, Kubi was nicer ;) breakfast is included which is nice, lovely patio. I would stay there again.

The Yellow

Rome, Italy

I love and hate this hostel at the same time. It's actually the crowd this hostel attracts. Yes, I know it's a party hostel, but to have drunk a-holes in the hallways yelling at 4am is unacceptable and the staff should handle it instead of ignore it. Americans (military) sitting outside, drunk, screaming obscenities at the top of their lungs. Classy. Each time I've stayed there, the crowd is very clicky. The location is great, and for 3 euro a night, I can't complain too much.

Guru Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

I love this hostel! Zsofie and Bolazh (sorry, I don't know how to spell your name!) are amazing people and I'm so happy I had the pleasure of getting to know them. The location and price can't be beat, there is a BATHTUB!, it is very clean, for a small fee you can do your laundry, there is a fully functional kitchen and free coffee and tea. My only complaint, and a small one at that, the floors are very creaky so if you're a late sleeper or coming home late-you're bound to disturb your roomies.


I stayed here for one night, and it is what it is. It is a good price, decent location, breakfast is included, very clean and I felt completely safe. The staff is awesome.