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Had a private for one night, the bathrooms are very cramped, some you cannot turn around, but the shared shower, at least on 5th floor is private and spacious enough. My room was on 6th, had a window that opened to the street and a view of the chapel in the distance. The feel of it was very nice. For my purposes it was a good night's stay, the location provides many options for food and right next to a Metro station.


Very nice hostel, although the rooms are not sound proof could be a little loud if people are talking or snoring even in the other room. Overall pretty clean and the sheets and beds comfortable. The meals make the price very reasonable and are delicious. Only a little far from the Metro, but the walk is manageable and quite nice if the weather is nice. The hosts are accomodating.

First Hostel

Taipei, Taiwan

1983 is one of those gems you find every once in a never (okay a while). The atmosphere (brightly lit, rooms open to a spacious common area, family like) is friendly and helpful. There is a natural tendency to socialize as access to the necessary facilities pass through the main area. The bunk beds are of high quality and very comfortable; each is bunk is furnished with a curtain that provides privacy and darkness. The lighting is a soft warm glow that illuminates without being overly bright.

the Cats Pajamas

Taipei, Taiwan

Rooms are little hot, Taipei was rainy and super humid during my mid-April stay. The rooms were somewhat cramped.


Anne Hostel Asakusabashi was close to the subway line in Asakusabashi and it was quite convenient to get around Tokyo. Being an anime enthusiast, the proximity to Akihabara was welcomed (one subway stop away). The hostel was clean, though it was slightly warm in the hallways during late summer, (you can turn the AC down in your room). Provides a good bed to rest on your travels. For noise, usually it's okay, light sleepers may have issues, but probably have issues elsewhere anyway.

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Thank you very much for taking the time to leave us a comment! It was nice that you stayed with us for more than a week, it was always great for us to have guests staying for such a long time so that we can get to know each other well. I suppose you have seen a lot of things in Tokyo, while it is almost impossible to do everything on your first visit as there are so many to see. We are glad to know you were satisfied with our facilities as well as its location being only 1 stop, or 15 minutes walk from Akihabara. When you come stay with us again, and if you have problems with sleep because of the noise in the room, please let us know. We will do our best to offer the best environment for our guests. Thanks again, and hope to see you when you are back! Kazuna, Anne Hostel Asakusabashi


The courtyard area really helps with the family atmosphere. It was a place to gather, to practice various art forms (calligraphy or martial arts), to eat and to appreciate the dawn (for the jetlagged individual). Obama and Wenjiabao were the cutest little puppies that ever relieved themselves in my room. There was quite a few mosquitoes (autumn time), maybe it would not be amiss to provide some insect repellent in some form, less invasive (odorless) would be best.