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Edinburgh Backpackers

Edinburgh, Scotland

One of the rare hostels that offers private single bed rooms, which is nice. However, my room was near a street that was heavily trafficked by those enjoying the nightlife and the walls offered little noise reduction.

International Hostel Rooms 1

Inverness, Scotland

Nice quiet, clean place to stay just up from the city center. Great proximity to the bus and train stations.

Castle Rock Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

Great hostel, which hosts a number of activities to get travelers interacting (if they choose to take advantage). Our room had a beautiful view of the castle. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful.

Killarney Railway Hostel

Killarney, Ireland

If they're not going to provide bed sheets for free, they shouldn't include blankets either unless they plan on washing them. The blanket that came with my bed smelled like B.O. The bathroom was incredibly dirty. The showers function like the sink faucets in a lot of cheap bathrooms, meaning you push a button and get 5 seconds of water before it shuts off. Nevertheless, if they worked on the cleanliness issues, this would be a pretty decent hostel.

Tom's Comfort Hostel Waterford

Waterford, Ireland

Great facilities, everything looks brand new. The hostel is off the beaten path a little bit, but it makes for a nice, quiet stay.


Good location, good facilities. Quotation marks should be used around "breakfast."