Reviews: Anonymous

Keylany Hotel

Aswan, Egypt

We arrived after an 19+ hour trip on the ferry from Sudan, and our check-in process took over 30 minutes even after we told the individual at the desk that we were really tired. Quite a few things could have been done a bit later.

Rosebank Lodge

Johannesburg, South Africa

The location is convenient to the Gautrain BUS - there is a stop [I think it' the fifth one from the Rosebank stop] right outside the hostel. Crossing the street on the way back at rush hour is a bit fun - lots of traffic. I stayed at the dormitory and it was so-so. It's a 4-person dorm, and if 3 others had shown up it would have been very crowded in there since the room is really small. However, other than that, and the value for the $$, I would not recommend staying at Rosebank.